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gauleyboy420 8/3/2011 10:54:07 AM

aucturas, your comment = EPICFAIL

Duckbeaver 8/3/2011 11:20:15 AM

 I have faith that he can deliver either booming rants like Cooper and Smith or keep it cool and intimidating like Langella.

And for all the folks griping about changing the character's race, let me put it this way:  back when they were developing Superman Lives in the mid-90's, they were considering Chris Rock for Jimmy Olsen.  I think we're getting a better casting choice/race change now with Fishburne as Perry White.

Nothing against Rock, but could you REALLY stand his voice screaming for help or delivering wisecracks in a Superman movie?  It'd be just like putting Richard Pryor in there or something...wait a minute...

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/3/2011 12:25:40 PM

When are they going to start casting Asian Americans period. Well, any Asian that isn't that dude from....the Korean dude in all the comedies? I want to say from Harry and Kumar series. John Cho. I guess Kal Penn counts sort of. I'm going to start a revolt. I want an Asian Silver Surfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kidding.

Flyincloud 8/3/2011 1:01:23 PM

I'm African American, and I'm offended by this poor color change choice!  Next, they will be trying to change or redefine the sexuality of one of the characters to be more politically correct!

Higgy 8/3/2011 1:05:45 PM

When I saw Fishburne attached to this film, the first thing I thought was Perry White.  I like it.  I actually like all the secondary characters they chose.  It's the guy that's playing Superman that I'm having an issue with.

@Hobbs...Superman was nailed perfectly with Donner, cast, story, everything.  The only thing missing would be the technology they have now compared to then.  That would have been a fantastic movie.  I can only hope that Nolan doesn't ruin this movie like he did Batman.  There's only so much "realism" I want in a super hero character.  And I know he's not directing, but I find him an overhyped director.

@Pony you're right on man.  We shouldn't be seeing colors anymore.  We should all realize that this world is one big Tropicana Fruit Blend.  :)

Mossy1221 8/3/2011 3:07:20 PM

 All-together now:   Token Black Guy!

But awesome choice!  Love the Fish..... burne.  

vitieddie 8/3/2011 3:18:27 PM

more worried about the script ... better be good!

BunyonSnipe 8/3/2011 4:21:04 PM

As someone who studied acting, it always annoys me a little when people moan about an actors race...

The whole point in being an actor is to create a character from what it on the paper, you pretend to be someone else, race should not be a boundry when playing a fictional character...

madmanic999 8/3/2011 6:20:25 PM

Higgy, I felt the same way... I caught a glimpse of this headline earlier today and started trying to think of who he would be playing and Perry White was the first character that came to my mind. Fishburn IS Perry White, that whole strong presence, powerful voice... Fish screams authority... it's easy to picture him bossing Jimmy, Clark and Lois around. I read every post to see how many stupid comments would be made and the usual suspects didn't fail to make me wish I didn't (Didn't hear anyone complaining when they made Bane british, or Hal Jordan a whiny douche).... Pony, not sure why you bother dude.. your comments are over their head and under their feet.


trollman 8/3/2011 6:26:54 PM

Frank L was still a better choice.


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