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Fist Full of Fuku

Why remake when you can recycle?! It’s Two movies in one in the ultimate DUB-ble Feature as a T&A martial arts film gets a second pass through a twisted team of voice actors! First up, a skirt-wearing street-fighter finds herself in the odd position of defending a south of the border noodle joint from Servicio Occupodo, his toothless henchman Pinchi Hoto and their goon squad of Japanese-Mexican wrestlers in the dubbed in English A FIST FULL OF FUKU! Then, when Street-fighter Yuki gets into a fight in a shabby noodle shop, she ends up joining the owner of the shop in fighting off the forces of an evil real estate agent in the original uncut and subtitled COMBAT BEAUTY!

Genre: Action, Ecchi

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Region 1 - North America

Fist Full of Fuku by Switchblade Pictures