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dnbritt 6/17/2010 5:38:37 AM

Allen Quatermain from Lost City of Gold.  Talk about never running out of bullets...

I don't know if he would be considered a gunslinger, but how about Christian Bale's character in Equilibrium?  You can't hit the guy because he's a highly trained in...martial mathematics?

ponyboy76 6/17/2010 6:14:23 AM

Josey Wales definitelt beats everyone. I can also imagine Clint Eastwood's character in Unforgiven in his younger days  being a serious badass.

Hobbs 6/17/2010 6:29:26 AM

Good call sgttech, Josey Wales for sure.  Seriously though you could put Clint's characters in the entire top 5.  The man with no name trilogy alone, Fist Full Of Dollar, For A Few Dollars More, And The Good The Bad and The Ugly.  All classics and all three could kick butt.

lracors 6/17/2010 6:59:58 AM

Roland #1, Saint of Killers #2, Eastwood's The Gunslinger #3, Doc Holiday #4, and Josey Wales #5.

TheWORstFan 6/17/2010 7:31:39 AM

I know I'm gonna get crap from this, "The Quick and the Dead". I liked that movie, the gun fights were pretty cool.

isgrimner 6/17/2010 7:55:52 AM

I think they got it right with the Saint being number one.  Seeing as he is an amalgam of some of John Wayne's and Clint Eastwood's characters.  Big time William Muny influence (Unforgiven). 

He had a nuke dropped on him and the only responce was "Not enough gun."  

Since the Saint has supernatural powers, he is tops.

therockdltj 6/17/2010 8:27:46 AM

i think Billy the kid should be on the list

Rheul_home 6/17/2010 8:27:57 AM

What was the movie that Gene Hackman played an old gunslinger that worked for the railroad? I rememer him riding into town in a stage coach pretending to shoot all the asian workers that lived there... He was a scumbag...

moonsunne 6/17/2010 8:55:45 AM


fft5305 6/17/2010 9:31:01 AM

How do you not include Roland in a list of Gunslingers? He should be #1! Hell, he should be the list...

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