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'Flash Gordon' close to cancelation?

    September 06, 2007
Source: syfyportal.com

Rumor has it the 'Flash Gordon' show on SCI FI network is circling the cancellation drain. Unnamed sources tell SyFyPortal that, while the show did do respectable numbers for an original series, those numbers are just a hair above other shows that are getting canceled, like 'Painkiller Jane'.The 'Flash Gordon' series has been an all-around sad situation for comic fans. The producers of the seemed to lack the basic understanding or concern that 'Flash' is one of the few truly iconic American comic characters. Instead of crafting a show that did justice to the long history of this much-loved character, they simply "crapped one out", to use industry terms (we're not sure which industry uses that term, but some industry probably does). The poor execution is reflected in the ratings, reviews and fan reactions.Let's hope this dismal show gets put out of its misery fast.


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