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FLASH Screenplay Due Soon


By Rob M. Worley     October 11, 2010
Source: Various

The Flash is running towards The CW
© DC Comics/ Warner Bros.

Flash screenplay due soon. Plus: Deadpool guest heroes rumored. Brat Pack in development. Green Lantern 2 treatment due soon as well. More! It's your Comics2Film 10.10.11!




C2F Quick Hits

  • Long Island Business News reports that Marvel's New York based super team has chosen a suitable location to film their big movie. Marvel Studios' The Avengers is getting prepped for filming at at Grumman Studios in Bethpage, NY. Grumman Studios President Parviz Farahzad told the outlet that the movie will occupy all seven sound stages available. Set construction is set to begin next month.
  • The Washington Examiner says Transformers 3 will be filming at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, National Mall, DAR Constitution Hall and the Red Cross building in Washington D.C. during early October.
  • Similarly, MeadeTV reports that the movie is seeking Military extras for the National Mall scene to be filmed during night shooting from October 12th-October 14th. Click through for audition specifics.
  • Bleeding Cool details information C2F overheard at ARS Nova's Black Dynamite party at NYCC: they've optioned the rights to Rick Veitch's critical fave comic of the early 1990s, Brat Pack. The sophisticated book lampoons various superheroes and their propensity to put youngsters in danger by enlisting them as sidekicks.
  • Deadline.com reports that 20th Century Fox and Walden Media have secured the film rights to Bill Keane's long-running comic strip The Family Circus. Bob Hilgenberg & Rob Muir (Scared Guys) are writing the screenplay. John Baldecchi and Stacy Maes are producing.
  • KryptonSite caught up with Smallville executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders, who talked about Teri Hatcher's upcoming appearance on the show as well as the possibility of a Dean Cain return in the final year.
  • Zack Snyder made some brief comments on the Superman movie during some recent UK press for the Legends of the Guardians movie. Contrary to recent reports, Snyder says if the reboot he's planning with producer Christopher Nolan and screenwriter David Goyer, "It's got nothing to do with the other movies," referring to the Richard Donner series that was continued by Bryan Singer in Superman Returns.
  • Thanks to AntoBlueberry and DevilDog Doyle for the submission.



DEADPOOL Characters Revealed

The following report from Bleeding Cool may constitute minor spoilers for the planned Deadpool movie, so read with caution.

According to unspecified sources the movie will feature comics regulars like Blind Al and Patch. It'll also bring in certain Weapon X characters like Wyre, Ajax, Sluggo and Garrison Kane. Love interest Vanessa Carlysle is also in the picture, but not in her Copycat identity, nor does she display any mutant abilities.

Most interesting is the reveal that Colossus will return to the big screen and will appear in "more than one scene." The character has been portrayed in X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand by brawny actor Daniel Cudmore. There's no word on whether or not the actor will reprise the role for Deadpool.

There are more fan-fave characters than that appearing, but Bleeding Cool was asked to keep those details under wraps for now.

Bleeding Cool also reveals that the movie will address the discrepancy between the highly-off-model version of the Merc with the Mouth that Ryan Reynolds portrayed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the more comics-faithful take that is presented in the new movie, and it'll be done in a style fitting for Marvel's fourth-wall-breaking character.

Ryan Reynolds is expected to star in the movie which Fox hopes to put into production next year. However, he's suggested in recent interviews that his busy schedule may dictate whether or not he does the film.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



FLASH Screenplay Due Soon (GL2 Treatment Too)

Deadline.com reports that scripts for The Flash is due in to Warner Bros by Christmas.

The script has been developed by the Green Lantern team of Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green and Greg Berlanti (although Berlanti hasn't worked directly on the actually writing of the Flash screenplay).

The article also mentions that Berlanti is unlikely to direct the Scarlet Speedster movie, as has been previously rumored. He's seen recent success with the TV series No Ordinary Family and his #1 movie Life as We Know It. However, insiders say that he wants to ramp up with a mid-sized movie before attempting something as huge as The Flash.

Also mentioned in the article are reports that the Green Lantern movie is "jaw-dropping" and (as previously reported) Warner Bros is hot to trot on the sequel. A treatment for Green Lantern 2 by the aforementioned trio is hard at work banging out a treatment for the sequel which will also be delivered to the studio before the December holidays.



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9. Issues #1 and #2 are in stores now. Issue #1 is also available as a digital download via iVerse Media's iTunes app. Come see Rob at the Detroit Fanfare Comics Convention on October 30th and 31st!


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shac2846 10/11/2010 9:23:57 AM

I'm just as excited as everyone else for Thor and Capt. America but I also enjoy DC a lot and this Green Lantern movie sounds like it is going to kick serious ass. I'm hopeful for the Flash and especially superman since it's last round of good news. Bring it on DC you've got some catching up to do.

Batman 3, 2012 bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Just read that cap graphic novel War and Remembrance, good stuff. I recommend it to anyone wanting to get pumped about cap. I see on amazon where marvel is getting ready to release a hord of cap and thor trades in preperation for the movies. Some good stuff to look out for.


LocoLobo73 10/11/2010 9:59:18 AM

Whats up all, Ok so now all of the people last week screaming that Superman was going to be a continuation of the Donner Superman, can rest a little easier. Its A Reboot, now god help us , please do not put us through another full blown Orgin story, Hopefully we will only have to deal with it in the opening credits. that being said Now we are not rehashing any retraveled ground with Zod or any other characters, I also would like to take this moment to thank Snyder , Nolan and Warners for doing away with the Kid and the peeping tom superman. 

DEADPOOL:  Jeeezzzzuuus  please, why are we going through this crap again, Can we please just have a straight up movie instead of the whos who of the xmen universe. That being said the Merc with the Mouth is about the only character who could get away with something like that, but that still doesnt mean i want to see it. Deadpool has a bunch of great storys that can be told , but knowing FOX , they will screw it up. Its sad that the only reason Fox continues to make this character filled crap is so they can maintain the rights to the characters. Exactly what would Colossus have to do with Deadpool, Cable I can see, Wolverine fine, Kane of course, but Colossus why? EPIC FAIL

FLASH / GL : I really cant wait to see the trailer for GL  NEXT MONTH, if the hype is even half as good as they say it is , this should be awesome. My only wish is that they do THE SCARLETT SPEEDSTER  justice aswell. With Geoff Johns in charge of DC's properties he really should be the main voice behind the character, I still think it should be Wally West instead of Barry , Walley has had some of the best storylines  in recent years, the original is nt always the best .  Not to mention by updating Barry are you not in essence making him into Wally ......... Just saying.

monkeyfoot 10/11/2010 10:15:59 AM

I had a feeling people were getting the Donner movie reference for the new Superman film wrong. I think people were just taking director Snyder using the villain Zod to mean he was continuing to attach the new movie as part of the same original Superman I, II, II, IV, & SR storyline. Obviously, he rebooting the franchise. 

Deadpool has never been a character I've known much about but the movie ideas sound good. I know he talks to his readers and it'll be fun for him to talk to movie audiences.

nightwing33 10/11/2010 10:29:05 AM

I stil say they don't need to reboot Superman. Just continue where the last one left off, and either give Brandon Routh another chance or at least use Tom Welling since Smallville is done. Brandon did a good job, it was the director who made it more of a continued love story over action. Just amp up the action instead of Zod use Darksied as the villain instead. Why do these studios think reboot or remake is the  way to go. That's the only bad thing about Chris Nolan rebooting/remaking Batman. Now everybody wants to be a copycat and reboot or remake movies instead of continuing or being original. C'mon. Oh. I still say Ryan Reynolds would make a much better Flash than a Green Lantern. But i'm still going to check it out.

thatguy1 10/11/2010 10:34:06 AM

"It's got nothing to do with the other movies,"

Best Superman news, EVER.

As much as I'm not a big fan of the choice of Zod as the villain, at least we can anticipate a NEW take on Superman rather than a retread of the Donner franchise. 

I still have a soft spot for the first two Superman movies (we never speak of the next two) but on rewatching them it's hard to deny that they simply don't hold up very well.  Christopher Reeves was Superman for me as a kid, but I'd truly like to see the character move into the 21st Century.  That said, I'd love to have Snyder lift some soundbytes from Reeves' guest appearances on Smallville to use as the voice of Jor-El, assuming we hear from the elder El in the film.

While it's important to acknowledge that the Donner films broke the "superhero as punchline" mold that prevailed in Hollywood after the Batman of the 60's, it's equally important to recognize a dated and stale approach that may once have been cutting edge but is now merely quaint. 

Thank you, Snyder, for moving on.  The character can still be true to his roots without being a slave to his past.

P.S.  Please build a REAL Fortress of Solitude.  Superman shouldn't live in a glass house.

violator14 10/11/2010 11:27:04 AM

i agree they shoulda saved Reynolds for Flash cuz of his quick-witted personality woulda been perfect. I hope WB/DC are kicking themselves for that one.

Cmon DEADPOOL!!!!! Let's get this going!!!!

LocoLobo73 10/11/2010 12:00:56 PM

Hey maniacs not sure if you've read this but SUPERHERO HYPE IS REPORTING THAT they have casted a villian for Spider Man reboot RHYS IFAN (the kicker from the replacements), They havent named who he is playing but , I would bet it was CURT CONNER 

IamChuck2026 10/11/2010 12:14:18 PM

My grandfather used to work at Grumman when it built airplanes.  I had competely forgot that they turned the hangers into film studio lots.

littlemikey979 10/11/2010 2:24:57 PM

Why does Deadpool sound like it turning out to be like Origins:Wolverine? If they want to make a Weapon X movie than make a movie and call it Weapon X.

Dean Cain would be awesome if had a pop-in on Smallville. Of course he and the sexy Teri Hatcher would have to be a couple but it would be sweet to see him on. They had Christopher Reeve, not that I am comparing the two, and ol'Dean would be awesome to see too.


Never been more happy for a reboot then I am for the one for Supes.

krathwardroid 10/11/2010 4:12:12 PM

Yes, we know the new Superman movie is not a sequel to the others. And that's good. Start fresh. 

The Deadpool news isn't really a spoiler.

And The Flash and Green Lantern news still sounds good. 

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