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Flash TV Show Spin OFF

Starts with Arrow

By Robert T. Trate     July 31, 2013
Source: EW

It looks as The Flash will return to the small screen. He will make his debut on the episodes 8, 9 and 20 of CW’s Arrow

EW has this report: CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed the news today at the networks executive panel during the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles. ‘We plan to introduce a recurring character and the origin story of Dr. Barry Allen, who you know as the Flash’, he said. ‘We do want to expand upon the DC Universe. We think that there are rich characters we can use, and we felt like this was a very organic way to get there’.”

The episodes will be directed by David Nutter, who directed both the Arrow and Smallville pilots as well as Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding.

Are you ready for the Flash to return?


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monkeyfoot 7/31/2013 6:41:12 AM

It makes sense. But I know they first had an attitude for this show that there would be no powers on this show ala Dark Knight. But now that it is a success they  seem to be looking into the possibility of DC TV universe expansion. 

The question though is will these TV versions of Arrow and Flash transfer to the expected JL movie? Would these shows be a way of developing these two (along with the proposed WW series) so they have a fanbase for a movie? It would be a different route than Marvel has taken.

millean 7/31/2013 7:13:38 AM

I hope this is great.  If they have a Flash show, you absolutely have to have super powers so that is a plus.  However, CW has yet to put a super-powered hero on the screen in an incarnation true to the source material, so color me skeptical.

Arrow was a huge step forward, but even that seems dialed way down.  They don't even call Green Arrow by his recognized name but "The Hood".  Combine that with Smallville's "Red/Blue Blur", and there is no telling what they will call the Flash.

Prove me wrong to have concerns, CW!  :)


millean 7/31/2013 7:36:12 AM

And I just read an article where he will have the outfit and be called "The Flash".  This is souding pretty good, and I'm a bit more optimistic now.

dojen1 7/31/2013 7:41:19 AM

This could be a pretty good thing. I ended up enjoying season 1 of Arrow, once they toned down the usual CW lovey-dovey nighttime soap opera crap.

I saw a teaser reel that suggests Oliver MAY be taking on the handle Green arrow, rather than The Hood. Wonder if they'll have (Dinah) Laurel Lance discover she has the Canary Cry.  One more: it'll be interesting to see the show's "real world" interpretation the Flash costume, because Barry NEEDS the costume so his clothes don't shred to pieces and fall off while he is super-speeding.

Eldogg42 7/31/2013 8:35:39 AM

I also saw the teaser reel where it looks like he will be switching to "Green Arrow" instead of the hood, and probably take on a more crime fighter approach instead of killer vigilante.

I also read that Barry Allen would be in a 3 episode arch (with no powers) until the last episode, which will be a quasi pilot episode for the flash.  As far as "Black Canary", they are going to use the original from the comics, who did not have those "Canary Cry" powers.  So they are gonna stick to the no powers as a whole.

Either way, I like this idea. I was always a fan of Flash, and really enjoyed the old Flash TV show.  Wish that would of lasted longer than one season.

Eldogg42 7/31/2013 8:40:47 AM

If DC/WB had the balls to keep the actors they have playing the TV versions of these charaters and move to the JLA with these actors, they will save so much time (and money) getting to the end goal.  Its way different then Marvel's approach, and frankly the only option for DC/WB at this point.  If the flash show is successful, you'll have your Green Arrow, Flash, Superman & Batman.  All you need is a Wonder Woman, an Aquaman and a Green Lantern, then your done.

Davewriter 7/31/2013 9:30:28 AM

WB is caught in a trap.  To show powers means paying $.  Adding FX to a show automatically makes a show more expensive.  And they only want to spend more if they are sure it will be a sure thing and they'll get their money back.  MOS cost a fruit looping forture budget wise.  The film is making money - but not the buckets of it they were hoping for.  Which will probably make them a bit more tenitive before dumping a bunch of money into a show/charactor that only the fanboys will know.

hanso 7/31/2013 10:12:13 AM

 I need a John Wesley Shipp cameo and the return of The Trickster or I will deem this series a fail!

hanso 7/31/2013 10:16:58 AM

 Also if WB wants to tie this to their movie universe, all they gotta do is set Green Arrow prior to the events of Man of Steel and in the upcoming season mention what happened in Metropolis and go from there.

Tevii 7/31/2013 10:24:48 AM

@ hanso - AGREED! John Wesley Shipp cameo and The Trickster would be great

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