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  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: Geneon Anime Music
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Aspect Ratio: 52202
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: FLCL

FLCL Original Soundtrack 1

By Tiffani Nadeau     January 31, 2004
Release Date: January 20, 2004

FLCL Original Soundtrack 1
© Geneon Anime Music

What They Say
Poor 12-year-old Naota has girl problems. His older brother's ex-girlfriend is hitting on him, while there's a strange alien girl also trying to hit him--literally--with her guitar. But that's the least of his worries, as a robot is starting to grow out of a bump on his forehead! Welcome to the quirky, disturbingly brilliant and unpredictable anime series 'Fooly Cooly.' Nothing can prepare you to experience this one-of-a-kind outrageous anime by Gainax (the creators of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' and 'His and Her Circumstances') except perhaps 'Fooly Cooly Original Soundtrack 1.' A marriage of explosive guitar-driven lyrics and riffs by fan favorite J-Rock group 'The Pillows' and hip instrumentals by composer Shinkichi Mitsumune ('Love Hina Again' and 'Utena'), this awesome soundtrack simply rocks. Included in this CD are the J-Rock songs 'Ride on shooting star', 'One Life', 'Hybrid Rainbow' and 'Little Busters.'

Created by GAINAX (Wings of Honneamise, Fooly Cooly, His & Her Circumstances, Nadia, Gunbuster, Mahoromatic, etc.) and composed by Shinkichi Mitsumune (Revolutionary Girl Utena and Love Hina Again) this soundtrack has been heard by millions of viewers of the TV show during its run on the Cartoon Network�s Adult Swim block! Available for the first time as a domestic anime CD release, this release also features a CD insert booklet that includes song titles, lyrics and credits translated into English language as well as phonetic lyrics.

The Review!
5 out of 5
Music found in the FLCL (Fooly Cooly) series.

This CD comes with a ten-page insert. The first page is a song title list complete with the credits for the arrangement/vocal talents. For each page of text there is a full-page picture of one of the characters. Up next is a page of both English and Japanese lyrics to tracks 2, 5, 6, and 9. Then we have the English and Japanese lyrics for track 10 and 13. The next page has the English and Japanese lyrics to track 21. And finally the last two pages are credits for the CD/anime. The credits page is divided into musicians then soundtrack staff, then anime staff, then a small blurb about Starchild.

With all original songs by The Pillows, this one is a definite pleaser. The Pillows, an as yet undiscovered joy from Japan, have made a soundtrack that is in a word rocking. The guitar plays a prominent part in all of the songs by The Pillows, but it is amazing what these three guys can do with a couple of guitars and some drums. Singer Sawao Yamanaka is a rare joy to listen to as he lets fly with vocals that get into your head and stay there. And don�t let guitarist Yoshiaki Manabe and drummer Shinichiro Sato fool you either, they are right there along with Yamanaka as the trio hits you with real rockers. The Pillows vocals as well instrumentals are on this CD, and they are truly an inspiration. Though this CD by no means shows the full extent of The Pillows genre of music (with each new CD, they jump from genre to genre). This one can best be described as having more of a late 90�s feel to it (which as it came out in 1999 originally, makes perfect sense). It is true to its time period, and yet still fits in perfectly with the music you hear out there today.

There are a few songs on the CD that are not Pillows songs, and they are just as good. Shinkichi Mitsumune, who also brought to life some of the music from Revolutionary Girl Utena and Love Hina, arranged track #8 Rever�s Edge. Again Mitsumune does not disappoint in his musical talents. The instrumentals he arranges and produces for this CD are a great addition to the Pillows music. He arranges sounds and music together into a pleasing assortment that is nothing if addictive to listen to.

I�d have to say a good time all around, I�d listen again and again.

Last Dinosaur0:23Instrumental,Ride on Shooting Star2:21Vocal (Japanese) ,Sad Sad Kiddie2:03Instrumental,Carnival1:37Instrumental,Runners high~ FLCL ver.~1:38Back ground Vocal (Japanese),Instant Music3:16Vocal (Japanese),Stalker2:35Instrumental,Rever�s Edge2:49Instrumental,Stalker Goes to Babylon4:03Instrumental ,One Life4:08Vocal (Japanese) ,Pain2:42Instrumental,Kabalevsky from �Clown� ~ Gallop1:38Instrumental,Hybrid Rainbow3:58Vocal (Japanese),Selfish-b2:13Instrumental,Pink1:39Instrumental,Beautiful Morning with You1:35Instrumental,Sleepy Head1:04Instrumental,Bran-new Lovesong1:58Instrumental,Come Down2:06Vocal (Japanese),Advice~ FLCL Arrange Ver.~2:13Vocal (Japanese) ,Little Busters3:43Vocal (English / Japanese)

Review Equipment
Total CD Length: 49:42

produced by: toshimichi ohtsuki, mitsuhisa ishikawa hiroyuki yamaga

planning & author: gainax

visual-concept character design: yoshiyuki sadamoto

screenplay: youji enokido

director: masahiko otsuka, takeshi ando, shouji saeki

chief animator: tadashi hiramatsu, hiroyuki imaishi, nobutoshi ogura

color design: harumi takahoshi

art director: hiromasa ogura

music: shinkichi mitsumune, the pillows

director of sound effects: tohru nakano

special sound effects: tohru noguchi

cooperation of sound effects: miki watanabe

sound effects produce: HALF H-P STUDIO

comic book: hajime ueda (kodansha �magazine Z�)

producer: masanobu sato, masatoshi nishizawa, hiroki sato

assistant producer: kyouko muramatsu

production in cooperated with: gansis

production: gainax, production i.g

production copyright: flcl seisaku-iinkai

original plan & director: kazuya tsurumaki


jun mizuki, mayumi shintani, izumi kasaki, suzuki matsuo and more


vocal, guitar: sawao yamanaka

guitar: yoshiaki manabe

drums: shinichiro sato

8. Rever�s Edge

a. guitar: hiroshi imaizumi

percussion: matarou misawa

synthesizer programming: shinkichi mitsumune


guitar: hiroshi imaizumi

bass: tomohito aoki

drums: atsuo ohkubo

piano: yasuharu nakanishi

sax: takuo yamamoto

percussion: matarou misawa

flute: takashi asahi

synthesizer programming: shinkichi mitsumune

14. Selfish-b

synthesizer programming: shinkichi mitsumune

15. Pink

vocal: maki kamiya

synthesizer programming: shinkichi mitsumune

20. Advice~FLCL Arrange Ver.~

add guitar: hiroshi imaizumi

mixing &recording engineer: kouichi suzuki(king recods)

hiroyuki tsuji(king records)

edit engineer: hiroyuki tsuji(king records)

assistnat engineer: shinji yoshikoshi(king records)

mastering engineer: akira ando(king records)

recorded at: Abaco 301 studio

king records sekiguchidai studio

king records YK studio

total music producer: shinkichi mitsumune

all music selected by kazuya tsurumaki

promoter: takashi tokuhara(king records)

hirotaka takase(king records)

jacket illustration: tadashi hiramatsu

art direction &design: masashi ichifuru(tgb design)

art coordination: yumiko suzuki(king records)

director: masanobu sato(king records)

executive producer: toshimichi ohtsuki

special thanx: the pillows, mitsunori kadoike, kazushiro miura, bad music group publishing, zin yoshida, jun suzuki(the CHEWINGGUM WEEKEND), tatsuya kashima, music workshop toushitsu, HALF H-P STUDIO, gainax, production i.g, fuyu kimata, jun suzuki


executive producer: henry goto

producer: nobu yamamoto

mastering: mack � nightjar

english packaging: kgi � koyo graphic


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