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2013 Oscar Nominations

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2013 Oscar Nominations

Affleck gets snubbed

By Robert T. Trate     January 10, 2013
Source: Oscars

Early this morning Emma Stone and Seth MacFarlane announced the 2013 Academy Award Nominations. There were a few surprises, to say the least that Ben Affleck was not given a nomination for Best Director. A new moment in Academy history was set as well, Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) is now the youngest woman person to receive a nomination at 9 years of age. In opposition to that, Emmanuelle Riva (Amour) is now the oldest at 85. The the 85th annual Academy Awards will be on ABC February 24, 2013.

Best Picture:

Amour: Nominees to be determined

Django Unchained: Stacey Sher, Reginald Hudlin and Pilar Savone, Producers

Life of Pi: Gil Netter, Ang Lee and David Womark, Producers

Beasts of the Southern Wild: Dan Janvey, Josh Penn and Michael Gottwald, Producers

Silver Linings Playbook: Donna Gigliotti, Bruce Cohen and Jonathan Gordon, Producers

Zero Dark Thirty: Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow and Megan Ellison, Producers

Les Miserables:Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward and Cameron Mackintosh, Producers

Argo: Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck and George Clooney, Producers

Lincoln: Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, Producers

Best Actor:

Bradley Cooper: Silver Linings Playbook

Daniel Day-Lewis: Lincoln

Hugh Jackman: Les Miserables

Joaquin Phoenix: The Master

Denzel Washington: Flight


Best Actress: 

Jessica Chastain: Zero Dark Thirty

Quvenzhané Wallis: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Jennifer Lawrence: Silver Linings Playbook

Naomi Watts: The Impossible

Emmanuelle Riva: Amour


Actor- In a Supporting Role

Alan Arkin: Argo

Robert De Niro: Silver Linings Playbook

Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Master

Tommy Lee Jones: Lincoln

Christoph Waltz: Django Unchained


Actress- In a Supporting Role

Jackie Weaver: Silver Linings Playbook

Helen Hunt: The Sessions

Anne Hathaway: Les Miserables

Sally Field: Lincoln

Amy Adams: The Master


Animated Feature Film:

Brave: Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman


Frankenweenie: Tim Burton

ParaNorman: Sam Fell and Chris Butler

The Pirates! Band of Misfits: Peter Lord

Wreck-It Ralph: Rich Moore



Anna Karenina: Seamus McGarvey

Django Unchained: Robert Richardson

Life of Pi: Claudio Miranda

Lincoln: Janusz Kaminski

Skyfall: Roger Deakins


Costume Design: 

Anna Karenina: Jacqueline Durran

Les Misérables: Paco Delgado

Lincoln: Joanna Johnston

Mirror Mirror: Eiko Ishioka

Snow White and the Huntsman: Colleen Atwood



Amour: Michael Haneke

Beasts of the Southern Wild: Benh Zeitlin

Life of Pi: Ang Lee

Lincoln: Steven Spielberg

Silver Linings Playbook: David O. Russell


Check out all the other nominations on Oscar's Official web site here


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Wiseguy 1/10/2013 6:37:45 AM

Spielberg nominated for directing but not best picture?

jedibanner 1/10/2013 6:43:09 AM

Lincoln is missing from the list of best picture as it HAS been nominated for best picture.

ElBaz13 1/10/2013 6:44:03 AM

According to another site, there are 10 Best Picture nominations, and Lincoln is included.

•Beasts of the Southern Wild
•Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
•Django Unchained
•Les Miserables
•Life of Pi
•Silver Linings Playbook
•Zero Dark Thirty

ElBaz13 1/10/2013 6:49:18 AM

LOL! Haven't seen any of these Best Picture nominees. But...I did see all 5 Best Animated film nominations. Can you tell most of my movie outings are with the family?

Where was Rise of the Guardians? It won several awards for best animated feature back in September. Weird.

I think it will be Wreck it Ralph or Pirates Band of Misfits. Brave was good but not Pixar good. Paranorman was an enjoyable flick but if you look at the movie Monster House, it's essentially close to the same plot and characters. Frankenweenie wasn't Burton's best.

Glad to see TDKR not get any recognition. Not deserving of it.

Wiseguy 1/10/2013 6:53:27 AM

Lincoln would get all the awards it's nominated for, picture, directing, actor and supporting

The only one that I would waffle on is supporting actress because Hathaway was excellent in Les Mis. but Sally Field earned her keep too. I'd go with either one

Oh waitcinematography I'd give to Life of Pi, how can you not

Best animated IMO was Brave with Wreck it Ralph close on its heels. Didn't see Pirates though

Best actress I'm leaning towards Jessica Chastain but Jennifer Lawrence was quite good in Silver Linings

So let it be written,so let it be done

ElBaz13 1/10/2013 7:04:42 AM

At least Avengers got one nomination. Best Visual Effects. Because "Everyone loves the Hulk"

It's too be expected from a popcorn movie. I will clean out other awards like the Saturn. RDJ and Hemsworth got People's choice awards yesterday.

Wiseguy 1/10/2013 7:16:08 AM

IMO if a film is nominated for best picture then the director should, has to, be nominated also. I just don't see how they can't go hand in hand

Avengers is nominated for best visual effects

I'm surprised that TDKR or Nolan didn't get any noms., even technical ones. Not that I think it deserved it but I expected some ass kissing anyway

ElBaz I agree. Btw wasn't even aware of People's Choice as I usually tune out of most award shows. Still happy to see RDJ and Hemsworth get some love

monkeyfoot 1/10/2013 8:17:52 AM

Yes, its not logical that a picture is nominated for best pic and the director isn't. But like every artisitic work it comes down to personal tastes which aren't always logical.

I'd heard alittle about the movie Beast of The Southern Wild but hadn't paid attention to it. But the other day I saw a clip of the nominated little girl in  a scene and she was fantastic. She was only 6 years old when she shot it and she was better than most veteran performers. I have to see it now. And technically it is a genre film since it deals with the girl and her community confronting mysterious creatures called aurochs.

jackwagon 1/10/2013 8:18:05 AM

 Given that the Best Picture category allows up to 10 nominees but the Best Director category only allows 5, it's impossible to nominate each Best Picture nominee's director as well.  In fact, when the Best Picture category only had 5 nominees, there was almost always at least one director included whose film wasn't nominated for Best Picture, and vice versa.  I always found that process odd, but there's also a little bit of drama lost if all the Best Picture nominees automatically had their directors also nominated.

Thus far I've seen three Best Picture nominees - Argo, Les Mis, and Silver Linings Playbook.  I'm going to see Zero Dark Thirty sometime this weekend or next as well, but thus far I thought Les Mis was the single best film I'd seen in 2012, and probably in the last couple years.

violator14 1/10/2013 8:41:58 AM

 If Avengers doesnt win that best visual effects award, i swear i'm gonna use KeithDaniel's building toppler super weapon on that place.

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