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Game of Thrones: Baelor (Article) - 6/13/2011 12:00:12 PM

Movieguy: I really enjoyed The Walking Dead, but I think GoT has got it beat. The stories are deeper and more engrossing. I do look forward to TWDs return and I'm sure I will enjoy every minute of it. And I know I will be bummed when the season for it is over. But If the 2 series ran at the exact same time and I could only watch would be GoT, hands down.

Extended Cowboys & Aliens Sneak Peek (Article) - 6/13/2011 11:50:10 AM

I really want to see this. I think it is going to be absolutely great. And yes, Krath, that was just a bit too much info, dude.

New CONAN TV Spot Airs (Article) - 6/13/2011 11:46:24 AM

Well, I actually have nothing against Momoa playing Conan. I think he has the look for it. I just think that from what I've seen so far, that this movie looks really bad. It looks like it is taking the path of a B movie. I have no hopes for it at all. C&A however, I think looks really cool and I cannot wait for it.


Game of Thrones: Baelor (Article) - 6/13/2011 2:52:50 AM

OMG...I have not read the books and I was blown away by what happened! I love how this story is progressing. Apparently no one is safe, and that makes it all the better. Now, considering the prisoner held by the Starks...I hope its a head for head. I can't say enough how much I love this series, and I am already lamenting the final episode of the season coming up. It would be great to get next season of GoT to run up until The Walking Dead starts and then The Walking Dead runs until GoT starts again the following season. That would be year-round happiness if you ask me. A few days ago I started watching the old Beauty and the Beast tv series on Netflix (yeah, I'm a fan of the show. Big deal, wanna fight about it?) and I noticed that George R.R. Martin was a producer for the series. I thought it was interesting to see he had his hands in another imaginative tv series that I was fond of.

TrollHunter to be Remade (Article) - 6/12/2011 8:53:35 PM

I am interested in watching this. I don't mind the documentary style movies at all. I can't wait to see it.

Whiskey: I watched Monsters. It was a bit different, but it was definitely slow. The creatures were quite strange, but not really frightening beyond their huge size. All-in-all, it was okay at best.

New CONAN TV Spot Airs (Article) - 6/12/2011 8:46:04 PM

This still looks like a Syfy movie to me. It may have great fx, but eveything else looks to be so mundane. I won't see this until is streaming on Netflix.

FRIGHT NIGHT Trailer 2 Out (Article) - 6/8/2011 2:50:59 AM

innersanctum: I know True Grit is based on the book...however the original movie was also based on the book. the fact the remake holds truer to the source material still doesn't negate the fact that it is, in fact a remake. Or we can use the word that Hollywood likes to throw around today...reboot. The new Spiderman movie isnt a remake..its a reboot. This is supposed to make us feel differently about these retellings and not squirm at the thought of a remake. Granted, comic books are easier to "reboot" because they are ongoing stories with numerous story lines to cover, which save their subsequent movies from ever really having "remakes" made. So ultimately this leads to the question: Does a movie only qualify as a remake if the original movie is the source of the story? Or can a movie be based on a book, then years later another movie be based on the same book and not be a remake of the first movie? It will come down to individual perspective. For me, I will always compare a second movie to the original, no matter what is the source material. I will compare Total Recall. I will compare Conan. And I did compare True Grit. Therefore in my mind to at least some degree they are remakes.

SALT Sequel Moving Forward (Article) - 6/7/2011 12:39:19 PM

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Salt. I didn't expect to like it at all. I thought it left a great opening for sequels, unlike many movies today that seem to wrap everything up and BOOM!...sequel. Jolie doesnt make me run to the theaters to see her, but in this case, I might just do that if the trailer looks good.

FRIGHT NIGHT Trailer 2 Out (Article) - 6/7/2011 12:18:49 PM

When I read about remakes, I just shake my head. But when I think about it, I really don't care what they remake. It doesn't change how good the original was for me, and even makes me appreciate it a little more when the remake falls flat or is outright dreadful. Fright Night is one of my favorite vamp tales and this version looks like it might be ok. I won't see it in theaters, but I will watch it when it hits dvd. We know that most remakes really suck...but occasionally they get one right...True Grit was fabulous in my opinion, but it was the exception and not the rule. So i may feel uneasy every time they mention a new remake coming out (like Conan ugh ugh ugh), but I try to keep a clear mind until I see a trailer and get an idea of what we might be seeing.

Game of Thrones: What Did You Think? (Article) - 6/6/2011 2:08:20 AM

Finally! We get to talk about Game of Thrones!!  YES YES YES!!

Obviously, I absolutely love this series. I have never read the books, and am not sure if I should, or just let the series unfold for me. I love how the story moves. I love the acting. I love the action. I love how it is not "dumbed down" in any way. It is compelling and intelligent. There is a conspiracy around every corner, and people who cut as deeply with their words as they do with their swords. Sean Bean is exceptional, but so is everyone in the cast. The acting is outstanding, with a special mention for Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister (The Imp). His character is intelligent and witty, and he pummels people with sarcasm so thick that you couldnt cut through it with a lightsaber. Momoa is great as Khal Drogo, I only hope he can do the same as Conan (but not counting on it).

Game of Thrones has everything I like in a movie. In fact, its difficult, if not impossible, to find a movie being made nowadays that would approach its subject matter the way this series does. On the big screen, it would have to be made PG-13 so people can take their kids to it. I wish Hollywood would take a look at what HBO has done with this series and take us back to the days when we could have a fantasy movie where 13 years old,  is just too young for what is going on on-screen.

I hope they keep up the good work and the series has a run like The Sopranos did. Between this, and The Walking Dead, I am a very very happy person and am looking forward to new possibilities in what television has to offer.


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