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Darth Vader TV Specials?

What does that mean?

By Robert T. Trate     October 21, 2013
Source: Jedi News

May the 4th Be with You!
© Lucasfilm Ltd./ Disney
This news broke over the weekend and it has everyone scratching their heads as to what it means. Jedi News (a UK site) broke the official news that there will be Star Wars Darth Vader TV Themed Specials arriving in the Spring/ Summer of 2014. This news came from the European Brand Licensing Show in which Disney handed out the following brochure with this information: 
This is a page from the Disney brochure given out to the attendees of the European Brand Licensing Show. This is the detailed current calendar plan from Disney for the Star Wars brand. Plenty of little bits of info that will stir much debate and discussion:
  • Star Wars Mobile LEGO games following on from successful app releases of the Batman and Harry Potter platform ports. Coming in Spring / Summer 2014.
  • A Star Wars Digital Library is to launch in Autumn / Winter 2014.
  • Confirmation that the plan remains for Star Wars Episode VII to be released in the Spring / Summer of 2015.
  • But perhaps the most surprising, exciting and fast approaching news is the release of “Darth Vader Themed TV Specials.”
So what does this mean? The Darth Vader TV Specials might be a prelude or a series of shorts that leads us into Star Wars Rebels. The release date seems to match up with that theory. If you remember the micro Clone Wars series was all short little pieces that when strung together told a larger story. Perhaps Disney and Lucasfilm will try this “shortened” approach as a tease for Rebels

What do you think Maniacs?

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ElBaz13 10/21/2013 10:32:15 AM

LOL! Darth Vader TV special sounds like one of those holiday specials.

Darth Vader and the Easter Bunny!

Wiseguy 10/21/2013 10:49:17 AM

X-Mas Special - Darth Vader asks Santa for a new light saber but he has been a naughty boy.

Yeah whatever it is I'm sure I'll be tuning in

hanso 10/21/2013 11:07:46 AM

 Darth Vader gonna be the new Bachelor on ABC. 

marcd30319 10/21/2013 11:10:01 AM

 Darth Vader present Dancing with the Stars!

ElBaz13 10/21/2013 11:12:09 AM

Coruscant Shore

Wiseguy 10/21/2013 11:23:50 AM

Darth Vader on Shark Tank making a pitch for yet another Death Star

Wiseguy 10/21/2013 11:27:58 AM

Darth Vader on Undercover Boss choking  a bunch of stormtroopers for making fun of him

ElBaz13 10/21/2013 11:33:36 AM

Undercover Boss. Now that would be funny. He would be dressed up as a stormtrooper

Wiseguy 10/21/2013 11:35:27 AM

An asthmatic stormtrooper

hanso 10/21/2013 11:49:49 AM

 Darth Vader hosts Tatooine Idol.

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