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The Last Stand RED BAND Trailer

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The Last Stand RED BAND Trailer

Yes, let's go there

By Robert T. Trate     January 08, 2013
Source: LionsgateLIVE

Here is the official Red Band Trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand. I don’t know about you but I think old Arnie might just get my money for this one. It looks like great fun.

The Plot: A drug cartel leader busts out of a courthouse and speeds to the Mexico border, where the only thing in his path is a sheriff (Schwarzenegger) and his inexperienced staff.


The film features Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rodrigo Santoro, Genesis Rodriquez, Forest Whitaker, Jamie Alexander, Harry Dean Stanton, and Johnny Knoxville. The Last Stand is directed by Jee-woon Kim (I Saw the Devil).


The Last Stand opens January 18th, 2013.


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wish 1/8/2013 10:40:03 PM

My money's in for sure!  Even if it's really bad it'll be good! 

Wiseguy 1/9/2013 4:04:48 AM

More curious than about the movie itself to me is how well will Arnie be received in his initial comeback film

FrozenFear 1/9/2013 9:02:12 AM

I assume they cast Knoxville because Sinbad wasn't available?

momitchell7 1/9/2013 10:39:08 AM

Alright, now I'm sold! This looks like a lot of fun... Expendables style.

lazarus 1/9/2013 3:40:55 PM

This is lookiing awesome, especially grinding a damn VETTE on the edge of a concrete wall.

Totally would not work but fun to watch.

SmokingFrog77 1/9/2013 9:47:06 PM

"You fucked up my day off!" 


MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 1/10/2013 6:56:16 PM

I hate CGI blood. It looks crappy as hell.



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