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Johnnyathm1 2/16/2011 12:08:57 AM

Interesting article. Star Wars is pretty much the “hero’s journey", Lucas even stated as much in interviews. He wanted to strike at the core of our beliefs and mythology. Good reading Niko (=

monkeyfoot 2/16/2011 7:48:07 AM

An excellent subject matter for an article, Niko.

It is a subject I have brought up time and again through my life to friends and critics and numerous times on Mania.

*The most universal tales are the one's that are from archetypes in the collective unconscious as Joseph Campbell wrote about. The Hero's Journey with the wise teacher is very popular. It has been used for King Arthur and Luke Skywalker to name a couple.

*There are only a finite number of storylines for human drama as you mentioned above. Science Fiction and Fantasy can sometimes expand the use of them but human interaction and reaction to circumstances are the same.

*And most importantly, it's all in the execution. The artistry of the storytellers is what makes those repeated archtypes and finite human reactions new and fresh everytime. It's what makes something like Ridley Scott's Alien a classic and not a B-horror flick on SyFy channel.

*My last important element is timing but this has more to do with the financial success of a creative project than its making. If George Lucas' Star Wars had come out a few years earlier in the cynical late 1960s and early 1970's of Vietnam and Watergate it probably would have been laughed at as naive and childish. But it hit at the right time that people were tired of all the gray areas of what is good and evil and the rest is movie history.



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