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Best Site for Current Movie Reviews

By Tara Dodrill     -
Source: Rotten Tomatoes Website


Movie review Web sites are available on the World Wide Web, offering cinema fans a plethora of rating and sneak peek features. Current movie reviews, video clips and cast interviews abound at the Rotten Tomatoes Web site. This site features a broad selection of all things related to upcoming movies, box office ratings, plot overviews, blogs, cast lists, viewer comments and fan forums.

Rotten Tomatoes Website Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes has been hailed as the top movie review Web site by a host of industry professionals. Movie critic Roger Ebert stated on that Rotten Tomatoes is the "Best movie reaction site" on the Internet. Time magazine ranked the site among the "50 Best Web Sites" list of 2009. Rotten Tomatoes was an honoree in the 2003 "Webby Awards" in the People's Voice category. Peter Travers, of Rolling Stone magazine, also heaped praise upon the site by stating, "Dot-com geeks change the face of film criticism," according to comments posted on Rotten Tomatoes.

Movie Rankings and Library of Titles

Rotten Tomatoes boasts a readership of over seven million users, and over 850,000 titles have been reviewed to date. Movies and straight-to-DVD releases are reviewed by professional movie critics, as well as by registered Web site users. Rankings are updated in real time, with full-length comments included with each movie title reviewed.

The "Tomatometer" Ranking Tool

The "Tomatometer" measures the popularity and worth of a movie by showing icons of either a fresh tomato for good movies, or a smashed, green, rotten tomato for bad movies. The films are reviewed by professional and celebrity critics. The same set of accredited movie critics rate each movie, in order to maintain accuracy and commonalities among the ratings. A "Certified Fresh" emblem is awarded to movies that have earned at least a 75 percent positive rating from critics.

Hot Pick and Cream of the Crop Features

Registered Rotten Tomatoes users can also weigh in on the ranking system by participating in the movie forum section. The "Tomato Picker" feature is interactive and gives registered site users the opportunity to rate selections in the movie database. The "Hot Pick" tool allows users to note the best review quote of the day. Rating the reviewers' creative ability while supplying information on hot movies is one of the most popular sections of the site. The "Cream of the Crop" tool displays reviews from the top 20 newspapers in the country, and it is updated daily.

Movie Trailers and Preview Videos

Rotten Tomatoes offers far more than reading material for Web site visitors, by entertaining and allowing interaction in the search for the next blockbuster movie. The interactive fan forum, critic blogs and movie trailers are just a few of the options currently available. Web site visitors can also browse movie promotions and preview videos, as well as cast interviews and actor biographies.


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