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millean 7/20/2013 1:32:08 PM

Batman is going to be in the Man of Steel sequel!!!!  No details, just a world's finest logo and a quote from Dark Knight Returns!!!!!

millean 7/20/2013 1:39:35 PM

 WB/Legendary recap

Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges. Midwvil mythology that looks pretty cool...

Gravity with Sandra Bullock at panel. Looks preposterous yet intense...

Combine Groundhog Day, Memento, Iron Man, and Terminator and you get Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton (who was in the audience and pulled up on stage)


almostunbiased 7/20/2013 2:28:23 PM

Wow, I wish I was there.  sounds great.

Oh and who is the Hottie Zillaman has for an avatar?

millean 7/20/2013 2:48:06 PM

 I, Frankenstein looks really good with Aaron Eckhart & Yvonne S.

millean 7/20/2013 2:50:02 PM

 Humger Games sequel looks decent. Cast was really personable & funny. Jennifer Lawerence is a complete goof. Really liked her.

millean 7/20/2013 2:54:28 PM

 Was also quite impressed wit Tom Cruise, and I was not expecting that. He showed a lot of love to Chris Hardwick (panel host) and he geeked out. Both those guys were very funny.

ReleaseTheseFeces 7/20/2013 4:47:45 PM

umm yeah. Just get him suited up as Solo and Jones. Time is running out.

millean 7/20/2013 6:11:24 PM

 Oh yeah, almost forgot. Coboe Smulders has finally and officially been cast as Wonder Woman...

... but only as her voice in the lego movie. :(  better than nothing, i suppose.


Entire cast of X-Men Days of Future Past on stage at Hall H.  Holy crap, that's a lot of talented actors!

DOFP trailer looks promising.

TheSilentKiller 7/20/2013 6:11:49 PM

 Wraith, I tried to delete, but stupid Indian connectivity tripped a double post, then wouldn't delete.

TheSilentKiller 7/20/2013 6:13:39 PM

 Millean I think Cruise gets a lot of bad press cause of the Xenu thing, but all signs point to him being a good guy.

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