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lazarus 11/6/2012 9:38:05 PM

Yes, Inner cause that makes TOTAL sense. Wow. Low and behold, the Jedi order is now MAGICALLY restored. I mean, forget the fact it took well over 5000 years to build the first order, I mean it is Luke, they can do it in 30 years. Easy. I rather have some crappy cinema with lots of nifty CGI than stupid ass ideas like that. The Order is not even really restored in the books to a large extend. Less than maybe 100 Jedi, and Luke is the Grand Master Jedi. Head of the councel.

Again, follow the EU in the books, it was written by fans, for fans, with attention to details and plot continuity. You guys know what that is right? It is the thing X-Men First Class totally threw out the window? Yeah that.

Some of us fans LIKE continuity, it shows you are making an effort and not being a lazy retarded F**K.

SinisterPryde 11/7/2012 12:08:32 AM

It makes total sense that Luke has rebuilt the order in 30 years.  Hell, in Anakin's day as a Jedi it took him years of training (8 or 9) to be able to defeat Dooku.  Luke was trained in like, what, a day and a half and was able to almost hold his own against Darth Vader?  Yoda probably found a quick way to train and Luke has probably followed his lead.

lazarus 11/7/2012 6:12:23 AM forget Sin all the time Luke studied with Ben on his own prior to going to Yoda.

He did not learn all that in a day and half. You also realize that is how the Sith gets its volunteers, from quick, rushed, incomplete training. Sorry. No way they could rebuild the order in 30 years. Especially with only ONE teacher? Yeah. No.

CalamityJohnson 11/7/2012 10:13:10 AM

we must not forget that Lucas is a consultant on this project and who knows what kind of side deals or clauses were included in the deal. The man's ego knows no bounds. Anyone clamoring for the Thrawn series of Dark Empire (personally my choice) needs to cool their jets because IT. JUST. WON'T. HAPPEN. That would eliminate Lucas name from the spotlight and the glamour.

Perhaps Disney will consider the Thrawn/Dark Empire stories in an animated or TV series? Or maybe after these three episodes are made? I think these stories (beloved by fans) need (or will) to be made without the asterisk "George Lucas, consultant". At some point I'm sure Disney will tell ol' George, "Thank you Mr. Lucas, but your services are no longer required."

I personally think a story further down the line of what transpired in episodes 4-6 would be fine. i can see the scoundrel (and more cynical than ever) chilling out on Kashykk with several of his grandchildren and the wookies coordinating an underground smuggling ring which has sprung up since the New Republic's beareaucratic BS has made things a total mess again, amidst rumors of a new and sinister disturbance in the force.


SinisterPryde 11/8/2012 12:11:02 AM

@Lazarus, I was actually being somewhat sarcastic.  Even with Ben there wasn't that much time spent training.  The Star Wars films (at least the OT) were purposefully vague about the time frame for the movies. Luke could have been on Dagogbah for months as the Falcon didn't have hyper drive so there is no way of knowing how long it actually took.  I actually agree that after 30 years there wouldn't be much of an order.  It would take at least ten years (according to prequel time) until anyone had enough training to be able to train someone else.  So Luke could only have, realistically, 3 people trained, the next guy two, and the last one only one.  So with these Jedi training the next it seeme like you could only have 7 masters and 7 apprentices. Just a rough guess.

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