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Form Your Own Voltron Blazing Sword

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By Chris Beveridge     January 12, 2011

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If there's an area where overlap can be comically hysterical, it's when nerd gear and anything potentially adult in nature come together.  Case in point is the Official Voltron Site where they now offer to fans the ability to actually purchase Voltron boxer shorts with the classic character emblazoned right on the crotch as he's forming his Blazing Sword, which is exactly what the text says as well. With many Voltron fans now a fair bit older and bucking the media stereotype of being lonely basement dwelling dorks by being respectable members of society who simply have an enjoyment of cartoons, we expect them to jump at the chance to be able to truly impress their significant other with such shorts.

How the sell it: Finally they have arrived! The exclusive Boxer Shorts! Available in both white and gray these ultra comfortable cotton/poly hybrid jersey knit underarmor featuring a full color Voltron about to Form Blazing Sword are sure to be a hit for any Voltron fan! Looks great on girlfriends and wives too!

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mudduck454 1/12/2011 7:28:06 AM

they are funny, but the fun will come to an end when the wife/girlfriend says you only formed a knife not a sword



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