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Four New GREEN HORNET Posters

Plus: Skarsgard talks THOR

By Rob M. Worley     December 31, 2010
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Comics2Film: Jay Chou as Kato in GREEN HORNET (slideshow)
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Four New Green Hornet posters are now online. Plus: Skarsgard talks about his Thor role. Gondry talks about bringing his indie style to Green Hornet. It's your Comics2Film 10.12.31!




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Skarsgard Talks THOR Role

With so many big names appearing in Kenneth Branagh's Thor movie, it's easy to forget certain cast members, such as Stellan Skarsgård. recently chatted up the actor who revealed exactly what he's doing in the movie.

"Me and Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings are doing research on strange atmospheric and space stuff going on in the sky in New Mexico. And then, we meet Thor," Skarsgård said of his character, Professor Andrews.

We're not sure if the character ever appeared in the comics, though if he was, he certainly isn't a prominent character. Regardless, the actor says he hasn't seen many of the previous Marvel movies, but did check out the comics.

"I was not familiar with Thor at all, when I started, but I became familiar. They gave me comic books and stuff, and [Kenneth Branagh] educated me," the actor told Collider. He goes on to praise his director.

"I had a great time. I also had a great director there. Kenneth Branagh is one of the funniest directors on the set. You laugh a lot. He’s very skillful," Skarsgård said. "We were also allowed to have rehearsals before we started, and discuss the writing and change the scenes. It felt like you were invited to a very nice collaboration. It’s another film done in the real world, where my scenes are."

Click through for the complete interview in which Stellan Skarsgård talks about Thor, Melancholia and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Thor thunders into theaters May 6.



Gondry Brings Indie Spirit to GREEN HORNET

Variety has a nice feature on Green Hornet director Michel Gondry. Specifically it talks about how the director, known for small-budget, art house films, coped with working for a major studio on a highly-commercial tentpole movie. If you're a fan of Gondry's work, it's actually quite interesting.

"There are recipes that the studios apply that make successful movies," Gondry said of Sony's view of a super-hero tentpole, "but there's also a pretty strong unknown factor, and in this unknown area is where I could play and bring more personal stuff."

Awful Carl's Jr ads aside, we've been hopeful that the movie will play as a quirky original. That's what we expect Gondry to bring to the feature. So we like reading things like this from Variety's article:

Gondry cites several moments in the film that could be described as "unusual," he says, such as the time-stopping effect of the fight sequences or a surrealist flashback/mindtrip in which slow-witted hero Britt Reid (played by co-writer/executive producer Seth Rogen) tries to piece together the film's central conspiracy. "But they're commercial, too," he says.

While Gondry says he expected some pushback from the studio, he found execs open-minded. Even he admits the sequence that takes place inside Britt's brain was a little weird on paper. "But that's why Neal (Moritz) was great," says Gondry. "He said, 'Just shoot it.' And the fact that they let me do it, and it ended up in the film is quite surprising."

If you want to read the complete article, you may bump into Variety's pay-wall (we understand they serve a few free samples before throwing up the blockade). If you do, just know that the pay-wall is easily circumvented by temporarily disabling Javascript in your browser and reloading the page.

Green Hornet opens January 14th. To whet your appetite, IMP Awards have posted four new posters from the Korean Marketing of the film:

 Christoph Waltz in GREEN HORNET 3D (Korean poster)

Cameron Diaz in GREEN HORNET 3D (Korean poster)

Jay Chou as Kato in GREEN HORNET 3D (Korean poster)

Seth Rogen stars in GREEN HORNET 3D (Korean poster)



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Wiseguy 12/31/2010 9:10:21 AM

A couple of the early reviews of The Hornet seem to be mostly positive with the exception of Rogen (what a shock). The guy is just a lousy actor with a dumb ass look. Still I must admit that the GH trailer in 3D ahead of TRON was the best part of that night. The 3D looked terrific and the "time-stopping effect" looked pretty damn cool, sort of like a rip-off of The Matrix but with a new twist.

littlemikey979 12/31/2010 10:14:53 AM

Anyone else notice that Ms. Diaz is rarely seen in the trailers for Green Hornet. Not that I am complaining.



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