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DarthDestructicus0793 3/8/2012 7:55:29 PM

 I watched the show. While I am mad at Fox easily canceling SciFi shows, not that upset on Terra Nova. It never did deliver on what it advertised before the show aired. It never really took full advantage of its pre-historic setting and the storylines were Grade C at best. This all but makes me think that Fox never put the finances and effort into this show from the beginning and the cheapness of Fox bled right through.

scytheofluna 3/10/2012 9:41:55 AM

Primeval is better anyway.  Fox & genre TV are always a doomed pairing anyway.  Fringe better make the cut though or violence will happen.

scytheofluna 3/10/2012 9:52:01 AM

 Karas you make good points but also underline the problem with the current ratings system.  I don't watch ANYTHING on TV, but I have an enormous collection of TV boxed sets instead  My contribution to the show's profitability isn't accounted for in the idiotic business model networks seem to be reticent to let go of.  I prefer marathon viewing sessions as opposed to advertisement loaded morsels portioned out to me over a period of weeks.  Networks haven't even folded disc sales into their strategy let alone figured digital distribution into their calculations.  Great shows are often subject to time slot shifts, bad promotion strategy, sports preemption etc. & some of us prefer to avoid all of the hassle & add another shiny boxed set to our library.

jedi4sshield 3/11/2012 3:00:30 PM

Let me give you the low down on why this show went wrong. The Formula was doomed from the get go! It shouldnt have been about people going to a place that was already established, it should have been them going there for the first time starting and building their lives from scratch. Instead we already had a Decent sized village to work from, this was a mistake!

There should have been far, far less. It would have made this show far more interesting in seeing their struggle. Instead it's been mainly about idiot people leaving the confines of the safety of the Village in order to get some kicks and get in trouble. Boring. They literally deserved their deaths at times! What no tracking devices on the Vehicles, lol say it isnt so? Is this the future you say? No Thermal Imaging Drones to track their citizens / enemies? say it isnt so. We have state of the art medical facilities. State of the Art weaponry but not the means to take their enemies down? Sigh. Failure on so many levels!!!

karas1 3/12/2012 8:40:15 AM

Scythe, do the networks own all the shows they broadcast?  If, as an example, Paramount owns Star Trek and makes all the money from the DVD sales and NBC sees none of that cash, why should NBC factor DVD sales into their broadcast strategy? 

The money NBC makes is from the advertisers who pay for commercials which are broadcast during the show.  Whether or not you buy the DVD collection means nothing to them.

It's unfortunate but ratings are what the networks currently work with and as much as you like to watch a show on DVD, if the audience isn't there for the broadcast then the show will be cancelled and no new DVDs will be produced for you to watch.

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