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Fox's wants THE LEAGUE, not LXG

Our source said something's changed

By Patrick Sauriol     April 21, 2003
Source: Anonymous source

The rumor first appeared last week on Dark Horizons that 20th Century Fox changed the title of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN to simply THE LEAGUE. A day later the Horizons story was shot down by a source speaking with IGN FilmForce who said the title of the film hasn't changed.

Technically, that's right but the promotional strategy for the film has been altered. Speaking on the promise of anonymity, one of Coming Attractions' sources said that Fox will no longer be promoting the film as THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN; instead, the studio will be pushing (yup, you guessed it) THE LEAGUE as the buzz for the masses. The studio will still be using LXG in some cases to promote the film but otherwise it will be known as THE LEAGUE.

Our source also said that LEAGUE's new trailer is "far better" than the first one. Be on the lookout for two glimpses of Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine, which our source says looks just as cool as the one seen in the comics.

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