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Frakes Talks ROSWELL

Producer talks about series survival.

By Frank Kurtz     December 24, 2001

Jonathan Frakes meets Max (Jason Behr) in "Secrets and Lies"
© 2001 UPN

For those who have been paying attention, UPN's ROSWELL has been getting a thrashing in the ratings. Now, series co-executive producer Jonathan Frakes has weighed in on the matter.

While talking to CINESCAPE's Scott Collura, Frakes spoke of the program's difficulties, saying, "I think we've suffered for being in what the L.A. TIMES calls the most competitive hour on television. 9 o'clock on Tuesdays is wicked and because we were partnered with BUFFY it wasn't realistic to move ROSWELL to another slot. So I'll be curious to see how we survive."

He adds, "But somehow the show from the beginning when the pilot was made has managed to have a very interesting life, cause it was made for Fox and at the last minute it was sold to the WB where it ran for two years and then after the WB lost BUFFY, UPN decided to buy ROSWELL as well. So it's really been on three networks. [But] I like going over there. I like those kids. I think they're all really talented and I like to keep my hand in it."


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