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Wiseguy 10/28/2009 8:32:34 AM

Jim at marketsaw, like a real reporter never reveals his sources but I know he has been right a lot. So even though it isn't a done deal I believe it that they're [planning on going Lizard only for Spidey4 but hopefully they'll set up Kraven for the next film or eff it, add Kraven to this one.

I don't see why Rogen feels pressure. Most believe GreenHornet will suck so he's basically playing with house money. Now whoever does the next Superman or Deadpool, they'll have some pressure. Nobody really cares about Green Hornet

I was hopimg Sin City 2 would take on A Dame To Kill For. That was one of the best SC stories IMO. Maybe they don't want Rourke and Owen back. Still I'm looking forward to see what Miller has in store. And definitely up for Hard Boiled too

SgtTechCom 10/28/2009 9:32:25 AM

Boring Spiderman 4 is gonna suck. The Lizard is a terrible character. How bout Shocker? Mysterio? Electro? and Hobgoblin wich in my opinion is far great foe then greengoblin.

another movie who's already done the better villians much like the reboot of batman. 

Cheesey1 10/28/2009 11:39:53 AM

I think the Lizard's a great villain.  He's extremely dangerous and the fight scenes could be brutal.  Spidey doesn't really want to hurt him, but has no choice.  I think Dr. Connors' remorse after changing back from the Lizard would add a cool subplot and they could introduce Connors' wife and son.  I won't complain if they add Kraven, which would make sense i.e. hunting the Lizard. 

pilgram 10/28/2009 1:26:47 PM

Best thing here for me today was "Hard Boiled". What a great FU! that story was. It is a new Blade Runner in my opinion. Can they pull it off? I hope it is without Miller Directing. Sprit Sucked.

SelectiveRealism 10/28/2009 8:24:42 PM

 I wonder if makers of Spiderman 4 would be confident enough to step out the norm and try a villian like Red Hood or Mister Negative.  Although I don't personally endorse the Lizard he fits in with the "tragic character"motif of the first 3 movies.  Norman Osborn wasn't a bad guy the gas made him insane.  Doc Oc wasnt a bad a guy the accident and death of his wife made him insane.  The Sandman wasn't really a bad guy but a man who was trying to do right by his daughter but made all the wrong decisions.

The problem with the Lizard is that unless he is the more feral incarnation there is no real antagonism between he and Spiderman and a feral Lizard is pretty boring.  The Lizard has some cool powers that could work well like his agility, healing factor and ability to secrete pheremones to make people violent and the intelligent Lizard would make a good adversary but do they really want to go the "experiment made him crazy" card for a 3rd time?

Electro would probably make a better villian or they could retcon Scorpion's origin and tie to Miles Warren which opens up a lot of possibilities.

muchdrama1 10/28/2009 9:49:18 PM

"Hard Boiled" would be nigh impossible to adapt...and how could you possibly do it justice when it's literally beyond NC-17?

Leave it alone.

ponyboy76 10/29/2009 3:44:07 AM

The Lizard is a logical choice considering they set him up prior having Doc Connors but I still think Kraven the Hunter would be better. Actually since there are supposed to be three more movies, maybe they will set up Kraven coming to New York City to hunt for the Lizard. At the end of the movie, Spidey has already helped Connors, so Kraven sets his sights on another more formidable prey, Spiderman. And there you have Spidey 5.

I`m kind of pissed that they decided to go with an original story for Sin City 2. I don't understand why they couldn't have just done "A Dame to Kill For" and linked it with a few of the shoter stories in  the "Bullets & " book. Maybe Rourke couldn't do it, because he has a pretty busy schedule these days. I was also hoping for Jolie to play the titular character. Oh well..

manjisan 10/29/2009 5:02:00 AM

Hard Boiled can be done properly and still get a hard R. Look at Seven or the  up Saw series. Or any torture porn. That tripe deserves NC17 more than anything. And don't get Nicholas Cage to play Nixon. Please god, no no no! And get Fincher to direct Hard Boiled. Or maybe Neil Blomkampf! Imagine how sick that  would be with Neil behind the lens. It would be under 60 million to make and would make its budget back in one weekend. 

Calibur454 10/29/2009 7:13:06 AM

Hard boiled  would be an interesting movie- if done the right way.

With no comic story backing Sin City 2 it will be interesting to see what millar has in store for the  franchise. I'm betting it will center around the ladies of Sin City. That could be an interesting tale. How the lasdies managed to get control of Sin City in a prequel style story. 

The lizard as a main villian in Spidey-4- This sounds promising but I'll wait for a trailer in order to  comment more.  

Green Hornet and Solomon Kane will just be a rental for me.    


manjisan 10/29/2009 7:54:05 AM

I also am disappointed he is creating an original story for Sin City as opposed to just sticking to the trades. Hell and Back, Dwight's story, and even the Family Values stories would have been awesome to work off of. Although Hell and Back would be better as a Sin City 3 movie but who knows. Spidey 4 would be cool with the Lizard and Kraven the Hunter though. Would be a classic throwback but with Disney acquiring Marvel, it'll probably be Scrooge McDuck and Howard the Duck vs Spiderman and Spiderham.

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