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Frank Miller for Batman Vs. Superman?

Talking to Zack Snyder

By Robert T. Trate     July 31, 2013
Source: Independent

Warner Brothers is bringing together director Zach Snyder and Frank Miller for a Batman Vs. Superman powwow. The Independent is reporting that “Batman v Superman director Zach Snyder will have talks in the next few days with the man who first pitched the two superheroes against each other in an iconic comic book tale 30 years ago”. 

So it looks as if Warner Brothers is doing the right thing and bringing in the master storyteller to help with the development of this monumental project. 

The Independent also reported: “Frank had no idea the announcement in San Diego was going to happen so it did come as a surprise. He’s going to be meeting up with Zach in the next few days to go over the plans for the Superman film so things should be clearer after that.”

Though Frank Miller’s directional skills have yet to bare fruit, there is no denying the power of his written work.


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Kraks 7/31/2013 9:19:53 PM

 Zach Snyder is kryptonite to good stories.

vitieddie 7/31/2013 9:27:51 PM

Would have been better to get a Mark Waid

tallman 7/31/2013 11:17:22 PM

Miller will bring the dark knight returns final battle to the big screen. If he's on board I'll pre order ticket now!

Wiseguy 8/1/2013 4:54:01 AM

OK I like the idea of picking the brains of actual comic book writers like that other company does.

I'm excited for this but nervous at the same take your time figuring out the story

Funstin 8/1/2013 5:07:11 AM

Miller went off the reservation years ago!  Did anyone read All Star Batman and Robin?  My God!  The guy has totally lost his mind!  Hey Warner Bros!  Read Public Enemies or if you find all that reading stuff just too hard, then watch the Animated movie!  It's from YOUR OWN LIBRARY!!!  The more I read about this movie the more nervous I'm getting.

DarthoftheDead 8/1/2013 5:37:25 AM

 Wow!!! My anticipation level just went up a Notch......

redvector 8/1/2013 5:55:05 AM

Henry Cavil the guy who played Superman must feel kind of thrown under the bus. Everybody will be focusing on whose playing Batman. And comparing him to Bale than on his performance. He'll be effectively taking a backseat in his own sequel film.

ElBaz13 8/1/2013 6:28:39 AM

Wonder if Batman will say he is the godamn Batman and ask Superman if he is retarded?

monkeyfoot 8/1/2013 7:38:11 AM

I also don't mind Miller getting his brain picked at for ideas. I don't want him writing it just picked at. But there are plenty of other Bats/Supes partnerships and confrontations to look through for inspiration. Cherry pick the best stuff from them all.

Cavill seems to be a nice guy all around, like Hugh Jackman. I don't see him minding sharing the superhero limelight. He might have issues with the script if he and the Bats actor get unequal time.

millean 8/1/2013 7:46:56 AM

Ditto what Monkeyfoot said.  I like some of Miller's work, but a lot of it I don't.  Get his (and other Batman writer's) input but develop the story somewhat independently of them.

I just don't want to hear "I'm the GD Batman" on the big screen (or something similar).

(Ha! I didn't even see ElBaz's comment until after I posted mine.)  :)

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