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Frank Miller On 'Sin City', sequels and '300'

    August 24, 2005

"[The '300' movie with Zack Snyder directing] came together before I became a director. The whole deal for that came together when I was just networking movies, and then Robert Rodriguez entered my life and all of a sudden I'm a director, and meanwhile, one of my babies is out there and it's got a different director," says comic creator turned filmmaker Frank Miller in this extensive interview. "So yeah, part of me would have loved to charge in there and rip it out of his hands and said, 'I'm doing this,' but on the other hand, Zack and the other people working on that had approached me with such good faith that I really don't mind just being one of the producers. [But] my main thing is not spending too much time on the set; I've been on other people's sets before and I start directing without realizing I'm doing it. As Robert said to you, once you get the bug, you get the bug."Miller also talks about 'Sin City', its sequels and his impressions of 'Batman Begins'...


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