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deadcowboy138 1/14/2010 11:57:51 AM

God help me, but I kind of liked G.I. Joe.  Steven Sommers, for all his faults, knows that he basically directs live-action cartoons.  And, while there was plenty to complain about  in the film, it got more right than it did wrong.  Channing Tatum actually reminded me some of the guys I served with in the Marines--just kind of a straight-up Southern boy, which is accurate but rarely portrayed in pop cinema.  It was cheesey as hell, but it had the right balance of silly and serious to keep it fun.   Nobody pissed on anyone.  No one's mom ate pot brownies.  That's all I ask. 

lister 1/14/2010 12:33:16 PM

I just ask:

If you were going to make a G.I. Joe movie, how much would it resemble Sommers'? Is that what you would want to do with this property? Then compare to what we got and tell me it really is good enough. I'll believe you, just want you to think about that...

No one's mom ate pot brownies.

Oh my god, people!! Did we learn nothing from watching the first Transformers live-action movie?! Please don't encourage Michael Bay by attending his movies.

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