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thezillaman 6/18/2013 11:42:44 PM

 wtf? Hope the movie is as crazy as it looks in the trailer. Then again i like silly B movies some turn out even better than the ones costing over the top ..

thezillaman 6/18/2013 11:43:35 PM

 wtf? Oh my lord this is just right out fucking lame....

Mayhem101878 6/19/2013 12:23:31 AM

This movie looks like a great one ... for the SyFy channel.

therockdltj 6/19/2013 1:59:18 AM

 Looks fuckin awesome! 

almostunbiased 6/19/2013 5:14:29 AM

I actually think this would be fun to rent and sit around with a lot of people and either love it for what it is or laugh your butt off at it..  It has to be fun.  It had fricking Frankenstein Nazis during world war 2.  I hate horror movies, but this has to be hilarious.

Oh and Holy Crap dltj, I forgot about that show from your avatar.


DarthBob 6/19/2013 5:28:50 AM

Kind of reminds me of Moontrap starring Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell.

blankczech 6/19/2013 7:30:38 AM

 If I ever see this I'll have to sneak off and watch it female or child will understand why I'd find this entertaining.

Watching the trailer gave me the same feeling I got after I watched Hostel on cable one night or saw Marilyn Manson in, now I have to go to Confession

horcruxx 6/19/2013 9:56:08 AM

 I dont know why some of the monsters reminded me of Big Dadies of Bioshock. This looks like something to rent. 

Wiseguy 6/19/2013 2:17:02 PM

Maybe if I run into this on IFC, otherwise nah



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