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Fresnadillo Exits CROW Reboot

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo exits the Crow.

By Jarrod Sarafin     October 17, 2011
Source: Twitch

Your update on THE CROW from
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Plans to bring The Crow back to theaters is now back to square one. As expected following the announcement that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was tapped to lead Summit Entertainment's reboot of Highlander, Twitch reports the director has opted out of the Eric Draven story because of scheduling conflicts.

Fresnadillo's exit is the latest in a string of development defeats towards revitalizing the Crow character. Just two months ago, potential lead star Bradley Cooper also exited the project so he could focus on Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost, a strange twist since Proyas was the man who led the original Crow into theaters back in 1994.

Before that director Stephen Norrington was chosen to helm a reboot based on a screenplay by Nick Cave. As Mania reported a year ago, when an unnamed actor demanded that Cave be taken off the scripting duties, Norrington chose to leave the production as well. A year later and the production is currently without a director and lead star once again. Presumably, writer Alex Tse and his script is still on board but that may change with another director's arrival.

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silversurfer 10/17/2011 7:40:03 AM

Probably a good thing, since this probably doesn't need to be remade? 

jedibanner 10/17/2011 8:42:07 AM

This is why remakes ain't worth remaking what was great.

reek 10/17/2011 9:16:36 AM

He left one unecessary re-make to do another?  Interesting.  I'm not usually one to bitch about Hollywood making all these reboots but I'm starting to wonder. 

xJokersxWildx 10/17/2011 9:46:04 AM

Best news i heard all day. GOOD!

axia777 10/17/2011 10:27:02 AM

The spirit of Brandon Lee is cursing this pile of crap to not happen.  It is going to be a re-make of the Lee adaptation and NOT a new adaptation of O'Barr's original Crow!

That is what they need to do.  Do a black and white Sin CIty style version of the original Crow comic.  I would actually like the same people who made Sin CIty to make the Crow but only if they follow the original comics story line 100%.  >:(

celt_6@yahoo.com_home 10/17/2011 11:29:23 AM

I'm with silversurfer.  This is GOOD news.  The movie should not be remade, not just because it's a classic and it stands the test of time as it is, but also because that's the film that Brandon Lee died making.  It doesn't need to be turned into another schlock remake just to fill the coffers of Hollywood a little more.

OmegaDean 10/17/2011 1:01:01 PM

With no Norrington... i don't think this film has chance.  They need a director with a raw viceral nature like Norringon

scytheofluna 10/17/2011 1:44:48 PM

Axia you are 100% correct.  That's EXACTLY the kind of approach this reboot needs. Dead on!!!  That's what I've been saying for the last decade.

Proyas' 1994 film was great for what it was, and if you'd never read the book you'd be tempted to think it was perfect, however James O'Barr's masterpiece has yet to be represented in an authentic cinematic manner.  Somebody like Rodriguez or Snyder would be an apt choice, or someone with similar sensibilities.  The best part about the 90's film was the soundtrack, so a similar approach in the old school goth/industrial vein would be awesome. 

The original film was good, the graphic novel it was loosely based on is BRILLIANT.  Seriously, people whined about the ending of Watchmen being a little different, but the 1994 Crow film is an even farther departure from the source material.

black and white with splashes of colour here and there, and a much stricter adherence to the book.  I don't care who sits in the chair to direct.  Give me a Sin City quality adaptation or go the f*ck home and stop trying to bring this bird back from beyond.

scytheofluna 10/17/2011 1:53:16 PM

Brandon Lee has been dead a long time, are we just supposed to retire this character forever because he died during filming?  Seems kind of unfair to everyone who loved the books long before the film was even concieved dontcha' think?

Are we supposed to shelve the Joker forever because that was Ledger's last major performance?  Lee didn't invent the Crow.  It's sad that he passed away, and he really did do a fantastic job portraying the character for that version of the story, but as I previously stated, that adaptation left a lot to be desired for fans of the graphic novel. 

If they aren't going to stick to the book, then they're pissing on the fans who've waited close to thirty years to see this done right.  If it's a great film and a faithful adaptation, I doubt Brandon would want the character shelved forever out of some kind of misplaced loyalty to him.  

Arnor83 10/17/2011 11:26:52 PM

I watch the original not two days ago. It's just as good as it's always been. It should'nt really be remade. One of it's charms is how great a movie they could make with so little. I think it would be nearly impossible to bring as much heart to a remake. And it's not mainly Brandon Lee I'd miss (and he was f*cking great). It's Michael Wincott as the best movie villain of all time.

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