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Friedkin Appeals Exorcist Trailer Decision

    June 16, 2000

Director William Friedkin plans to appeal the MPAA's rejection of a new trailer for the re-release of his 1973 horror film The Exorcist, which contains 11 minutes of previously unseen footage. According to Friedkin, the MPAA rejected the trailer, saying that it was 'too intense.' The director countered that 'rejecting it on the grounds that it was too intense is like rejecting it on the grounds that it's too funny. It makes no sense at all and seems to be contrary to the purpose of the ratings board, which is not to judge content, but simply to issue a rating based on certain material in the shots--nudity, excessive violence or language--and this trailer has none of that.'
Since the rejection, the MPAA has approved a revised version of the trailer. But have no fear. Horror fans who want to see Friedkin's original cut can judge the intensity of Friedkin's trailer for themselves by viewing it on the web.--The Hollywood Reporter


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