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Bryzarro 3/28/2011 6:12:58 AM

 Great episode.  With the early episodes they managed to get me to care about the Fringe team over there. With the flashback episode they made me sympthize with Walternate (Now gone), and with this episode they really made me feel for Fauxlivia.  Curse this show and it's awsome writing and creative department.  I can't believe how blurred these lines are now.  The only thing I know is that Walternate and Over there Brandon are evil and must be stopped.  I also love how Charlie and Lincon are aware things are up.  COme on guys!!

And hats of to Anna Torv.  She is rocking out three characters and is doing IMO an Emmy worthy job with it. And again I have to say how Happy I am that I get to enjoy this series for at least another season.

isgrimner 3/28/2011 8:35:57 AM

Shame on me for thinking momentarily  that they were going to kill Fauxlivia as a means for her child to end up in our universe with Peter and Olivia. That would have been too easy a way to get around all the conflict that can arrise down the road.   I was getting ready to be mad but then Fauxlivia woke up. 

wish 3/28/2011 9:40:34 AM

I can see how some people are flipping between liking and hating Walternate, but the truth is he saved Fauxlivia and her baby, he had to do it quietly because the procedure is obviously dangerous but he has several objectives here:  Save the universe, keep his "bloodline" going and eventually get his son back, the latter of which he knows he needs a healthy and alive fauxlivia to do.  He is obviously in the loop when it comes to the pregnancy, so it's likely he knew the results of her VPE test before anyone else and initiated the procedure immeaditaly to avoid the potential and likely abortion that Fauxlivia was looking ready to go through with.  John Noble is also getting his fair share of acting excercise this season with his portrayal of two characters that couldn't be more different, but the writers are very very clever, they have managed to evoke sympathy for the bumbling (our side) Walter though his prime as a scientist was spent as a monster testing on children and ultimately creating the instability between universes which threatens all existence as we know it!  And they've also managed to paint Walternate as a bad guy even though he's the one who had his son stolen and was left with the bulk of the side effects of moving between universes, which he was able to deal with at the cost of many public casualties.  He is passionately opposed to testing on children and determined to find a solution to all problems his world faces yet he is man enough to know when sacrifices must be made for the greater good. 

The lines begin to blur indeed!!!!!!!

Love this show and actually moved between universes with my excitement at hearing it was renewed for a 4th season!!!!!

Ghostsith 3/30/2011 11:19:07 AM

Wow....I can actually thank FOX for something. Great episode. I just started watching this show again. I watched when it started but, gave up on it because it was on FOX. They just don't give thees kind of shows a chance. While I agree with the Firefly thing. Dollhouse....was good. The show could get a little hard to follow. Terminator started to get really good and they pulled it. I still hate FOX.



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