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rkngl 1/25/2013 11:22:11 AM

About time paradoxes on Fringe... in "Continuum" they have a nice take about that same theme; because, since "Continuum" is about a bunch of crazed terrorists coming to the past, killing the grand-parents of their foes would solve the future problems alltogether. At least theoretically. And then, in one episode, they kill the grandmother of one of the characters from the future... and the character still lives! None of them understands why, but then physics theories are not written in stone; and the idea that, by killing someones parent will kill that same someone in the future, is only theoretical; noone has ever tried it, so...

BUt at least, in "Continuum", it serves the purpose of avoiding having the entire terrorist crew and bad cop from the future spending the entire show chasing each others grandparents!

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