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  • TV Series: Fringe
  • Episode: Momentum Deferred
  • Starring: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole
  • Written By: Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz
  • Directed By: Joe Chappelle
  • Network: Fox
  • Series:

Fringe: Momentum Deferred Review

Olivia eats some worms and remembers her trip

By Stephen Lackey     October 09, 2009

Fringe Review(2009).
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Sometimes you get what you think you want but it doesn’t end up being as satisfying as you might have hoped. One of the most anticipated events of the season is easily the inevitable return of Olivia’s memory of her conversation with William Bell. This week after drinking another of Walter’s odd concoctions, that memory does return to Olivia like gangbusters. First of all, last year it was revealed that Olivia was called Olive when she was a child but Bell calls her Livey. How many nicknames does a gifted child need? At any rate, the conversation is revealed and the first thing it does it make things even more convoluted. There’s a war coming, that was already known, and Bell does offer up a little more information to Livey about that war but he doesn’t do much as far as connecting the dots.
Is this mysterious group that does want to wage war on us from another universe connected to ZFT? How is all of this connected to the pattern? There’s a difference between building layers to a mystery and making a complex plot convoluted by taking off in flights of fancy with the writing and forgetting what has been written before. Fringe hasn’t quite hit that level yet but the writers do need to be very careful with the mythology of this series and continually refer back to what they’ve done in the past to make sure everything makes sense. Nina Sharp provides Olivia with a very effective visual explanation of what will happen if this war happens and through that demonstration offers a potential reason for the bad guys want the war to happen.
There’s a secondary story between Walter and Rebecca who is one of his patients from the early days. He tracks her down in hopes that she will be able to help Olivia find the shape shifter that’s in hiding closer to her than she even suspects. The whole story ends up being padding for the most part but the character moments between Rebecca and Walter are nice. She’s a little freaky and she actually misses being a part of all of the experiments that Walter did on her. It might be interesting to see her come back and have more of a real impact on a story or on Walter. There’s a hint that she knows something important about Peter which means that we probably will see her again.
This episode answers some questions and asks many more, which is what you want a series like this one to do. Both Walter and William feel close to Olivia due to the time they all spent together when Olivia was a child. Now, Olivia is “just coming into her abilities”. The question is: what else did they do to her? Charlie finally gets to do something in this episode. He’s been fairly quiet since he became a shape shifter but this week his endgame begins. There are a couple of scenes tied to him that are extremely predictable but they are acceptable because it was time to get this story moving. A lot happens in this episode of Fringe and while the exchange between William and Olivia wasn’t as epic as it had been teased the information that he did give her leads to a fascinating cliffhanger of an ending. There was a little bit of filler in this episode and there wasn’t as much of Walter’s quirky humor as is common to most episodes of Fringe but overall, it was a good episode.


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MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 10/10/2009 2:51:18 AM

It's my birthday and I;m drunk there aresome things I want toargu about this review.  But it's a good review but I think some things you seen you saw from a differnt light.  Whn I can think I;; ll elaborate more.  But when did this come out? And I will punch that dde in the face until his skull becomes a punchbowl  I'm telling you I'm not scred.  I don't even know bim.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 10/10/2009 7:24:59 AM

Man - who stole my password and wrote this?  Why am I up so early with my computer burning a hole in my face?  Don't ask.

Chopsaki 10/10/2009 1:13:02 PM

I wonder if ZFT started the war and the shapeshiting soldiers are a response from the other galaxy?

ponyboy76 10/10/2009 1:29:05 PM

"Charlie finally gets to do something in this episode. He’s been fairly quiet since he became a shape shifter but this week his endgame begins"

Uhmm did you miss some of the episode because his endgame begins and ends in this episode. Olivia shot and kills the shapeshifter. I guess that is it for Kirk Acevedo unless they bring his doppelganger from the other universe into the fold.

I like that they showed a little side of Walter. I don't think he has to be the quirky, crazy ass scientist all the time. It was good to see that he wasn't absolutely about the science. He obviously had feeling for Rebecca.
I also wonder if the fact that she saw that Peter was from the other dimension will come up again.

Was that Christopher Eccelston's face at the end or am I seeing things. It looked liked him but can't be sure.



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