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Riddick316 4/29/2012 6:14:02 PM

 I love this show. Bring more great scifi shows like this networks!!!

deathjim 4/29/2012 6:22:07 PM

Fringe is the only show on that i actually look forward to each week and cant wait to watch off my TIVO.

invisage 4/29/2012 7:22:26 PM

To tell you how good this show is, my fiancee really doesn't like Sci-Fi (had to drag her to The Avengers) but loves this show.

I think B is a pretty good grade as I was a little underwhelmed with this episode, especially considering what was going on. I also didn't think every alternate universe Duo had to get all gushy over each other. Especially seeing how much our Olivia hated the alternate Olivia not that long ago (hence why I think it came across a bit corny/forced). The walter & walternate interaction worked because despite their bitter differences they were both facing the possibility of losing Peter again. And I agree that the two Astrids saying goodbye was very heartfelt as they had built up a genuine bond over this season.

I think the other reason I felt a little underwhelmed is that the idea of closing the bridge came up this episode so you didn't get much time to 'feel' the gravity of the decision. I think it is a great plot device but maybe the threat of having to possibly close the bridge should have been introduced earlier in the season (which makes me think it was just thrown in at the last minute).

Still some of the best viewing though and can't wait until this weeks episode to see if Jones actually wanted the bridge closed.

zalder 4/30/2012 3:40:01 PM

Yeah this episode felt more like a lead up than fullfilling in itself.  Which is fine but does detract from this episode.  We never even really got to see if closing the bridge actually worked, and how close the two worlds were to merging so the tension wasn't there.  Maybe have a couple scenes where parts of our world were appearing in the mirror and parts of the mirror were appearing here, and people were meeting their alternates?  That would have made things a little more thrilling and allowed you to feel the danger more.  As it was closing the bridge seemed like an overreaction in some ways.



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