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From Professor X to Jor-El?

Patrick Stewart rumored to be SUPERMAN director's first choice for Kal-El's Poppa

By Patrick Sauriol     August 25, 2004

STAR TREK: NEMESIS' Patrick Stewart arrives at the JIMMY NEUTRON premiere event.
© 2002 Sue Schneider is reporting the story that, according to a source that they spoke with, one of Bryan Singer's cast member from the X-MEN films is his first choice for the part of Superman's father in the new SUPERMAN film. Referring to a contact that they know works in a public relations firm in Hollywood, the site claims that Singer wants Patrick Stewart to play Jor-El, the doomed Kryptonian scientist and father of baby Kal-El, the child that he would send to Earth and be raised as Clark Kent. "I think what the deal is is that they want to surround an unknown with slightly more marketable names," explained the contact, referring to Singer's alleged desire to cast an unknown actor in the role of the new Superman.

Whether <>i>IESB's source is on the up and up isn't for ourselves to say, but they did also repeat the scoop we published yesterday that John Saxon had gone in to test for the part of Superman's Earth Dad, Jonathan Kent. Their insider also drops the names of other prospective pops that auditioned for the part, namely Gary Cole, Robert John Burke and David Keith.

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