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Wiseguy 9/22/2012 10:29:34 PM

LOL Tim I wasn't even born when these things first came out but was lucky enough to catch them on re-runs years later. These are part of the foundation for my love of comics and superheroes

I have been begging for them to release these on dvd but I've read that Marvel may not even own the rights. If they ever did I'd go and buy the lot just to take a trip down memory lane. I am very fond of these toons as well as the SuperFriends and the old Superman toons on the DC side.

And yeah the tunes were a huge draw too. I still recall singing along with my cousins. I was more partial to Thor and Cap's though

Ah to be a kid and be able to enjoy this just for the love of it with no snark, no criticism judgement or bias. I can still do that. Well I'm off to sleep, maybe I'll dream of those good ol days

doublec 9/23/2012 1:35:35 AM

 I AM old enough to remember when these were new, sadly. Although The Hulk theme had the best lyrics, the best song was easily Cap's. I was really sad they didn't use it in the movie.I was fully prepared to stand up in the theater and roar, "WHEN CAPTAIN AMERICA THROWS HIS MIGHTY SHIELD"...

jarga28 9/23/2012 6:36:39 AM

I remember wacthing Namor and my brother found Cap at video store or tv one I can't remember which but they were cool but Amazing Spider Man and his Amazing Friends were my favorite followed by Dungeons & Dragons, The Muppet Babies, Galaxy Rangers, and Sports Billy. The 90's of course Batman TAS, Superman, TMNT, and X-men.

jedibanner 9/23/2012 7:03:09 AM

I like that the first Iron Man movie used the exact opening music from this old cartoon TV show in their music for the movie.

Those were classic and sicne I"m a Hulk fan, this cartoon was always one of my favorite as a kid.

jsmulligan 9/23/2012 7:13:26 AM

 "The ever lovin' Hulk"?  So now we know the real reason behind the animosity between him and the Thing.  Copyright infringement!

domino2008 9/23/2012 7:50:11 AM

yeah , the animation is very crude for cartoons , but its so great to watch these cartoons. I did as a kid , an always remembered them . If you search on U-tube, there s many on that ! they have many Captain  America's an Thors an Submainers , an some Hulk an Ironman . And yes , the artwork is from  the comics . If you want more of 60's cartoons check out the 60's ' Fantastic Four " , also on U-tube. Too bad they dont sell them but least you can download um on your computer to watch whenever.Only thing is the title song is cut .

Dazzler 9/23/2012 8:33:46 AM

I wish I could update my bootlegs on this.  They should put out a full collection of them on dvd/blu ray.

tjanson 9/23/2012 12:16:49 PM can actually find a lot of the eps on Youtube.  I didn't see these during  their original run like doublec but these were a staple afterschool watching for me on re-runs in the 1970s

ObiWannaJones 9/23/2012 6:07:19 PM

 WXON TV 20 in Detroit - fond memories of that show, Spider-Man, Batman, and UltraMan! 

monkeyfoot 9/23/2012 8:14:49 PM

March along, march along, march along to the song of the Merry Marvel Marching Society!

That closing musical number to Marvel Super Heroes is also up on youtube under

Marvel Super Heroes (1966) - Closing Theme and Credits

That show and the Hanna-Barbara Fantastic Four & Spider-Man shows formed the mental groove in my brain that every other Marvel comic, TV, or movie falls into.The little boy eating his bowl of cereal in front of the TV in my head watched The Avengers movie holding it up to the mighty standard of that crude animation. Everytime I see a Marvel movie I am humming those songs even if they don't use it in the film.

So sad they aren't availble on DVD or streaming. Luckily, youtube allows us to actually hear the dialogue of Stan Lee and see the moving artwork of Jack Kirby.

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