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blankczech 11/11/2012 6:04:07 PM comments on this article, yet.  I guess that means most of the people who visit the mania website are too young to be affected by Harryhausen's work.  In my opinion his movies don't stand the test of time very well. There was a certain pathos to many of his stop action creations...even though they were supposed to be monsters (monstrosities) they were more cool than frightening.  These iconic creatures have spawned some expensive collectibles, for instance If you want a blu ray copy of Mysterious Island one of his better efforts it will cost you $100, an action figure of the Cyclops from Seventh Voyage of Sinbad is quite a bit more.

monkeyfoot 11/12/2012 8:13:36 AM

I did grow up watching Harryhausen films over and over on late night and Saturday matinee TV. I love me some RH. He was the FX master for everything genre film I loved as a kid.

It's true that to generations raised now on CGI and modern special effects these techniques can look antiqued but hopefully they will appreciate their mastery. You can realize that the original Universal Frankenstein, Dracula, and Mummy or the original King Kong do not have the technical cleanness of modern FX and that the style of storytelling is different then how they would be done now. You should be able to understand that but still enjoy the great work that went into them. You should look at them in perspective of their time.

But sometimes this is not the case. A couple of years ago we had an intern in our office who was a huge Star Trek fan. He said he had every single episode and movie on hard drives and could quote facts I never even knew. But he had never heard of Forbidden Planet and that it was a major inspiration for TOS. I told him the plot could be used for a modern ST movie and it would still work perfectly. I showed him some clips on Youtube and said he really needed to see the whole thing. He just laughed and said it looked silly.



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