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blankczech 11/25/2012 9:14:19 AM

 I stumbled upon "The Old Dark House(1932)" accidentally.  I just wanted to decompress for a while with an old movie after a late winter's night of partying and this came on.  It's a delicious film to curl up with in the wee early morning hours (especially when it's blustery and cold outside)... superb dialogue, sets, acting, and an interesting story / plot.  This may not be a great movie....but it is smart, subtle, black and white and quite entertaining (it sneaks up on you).  It's a great change of pace from the sensory overload, effects driven, stuff that's out there now.

InnerSanctum 11/25/2012 2:31:58 PM

I snatched up a copy of The Old Dark House when it first came out on DVD.  I remember this rare gem from my dhildhood.  An overlloked Karloff classic.  It still remains errie and effective.  You can see blueprints of modern horror in its dark corners.  

Gloria Stewart, the lovely damsel in distress, is the same woman from the Titanic. The older lady sharing the story.  Who would have thought grandma was a hottie?  

doublec 11/25/2012 4:50:52 PM

 The family patiriarch Roderick Femm was in fact played by a woman, Elspeth Dugeon, who was billed as "John" Dudgeon.
Gloria Stuart was also the female lead in The Invisible Man. Her father in that film was palyed by Henry Travers, best known as Clarence the angel from It's a Wonderful Life.




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