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fenngibbon 1/6/2013 6:42:39 AM

 Um... the depiction of lady in the first poster is a bit risqué, isn't it?

doublec 1/6/2013 9:52:37 AM

 Yes, it is, fenngibbon. Take your eyes off her and read the dialogue, too. This movie was pre-Code.
As truly great  as this movie is, it's a sad precursor of things to come for Lugosi. This came out less than a year after Dracula and already he's appearing in an ultralowbudget film. The willingness to take on any role, no matter hwo cheap the film, that caused his later years to be so full of stinkers is already evident, even if  in this case the film is nothing short of brilliant. This film is noted for being one of the first sound films to effectively use music for dramatic effect. The haunting spirituals add a creepy touch to the goings-on.

monkeyfoot 1/6/2013 11:27:49 AM

I like my zombies white. Like my milk.

vagabondster 1/7/2013 6:48:34 AM

 For a minute I thought the title was a reference to Rob Zombie's band, White Zombie

RobertTrate 1/8/2013 7:22:41 AM

 The Blu-ray of the film comes out soon!



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