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Fulbert's Pendulum

Our cause is a secret within a secret---Jafar as-Sadiq

By Stella Maris     April 04, 2009

There is something particularly magical about this time of year between the Spring Equinox and the subsequent Full Moon.
© Susan Derges, Full Moon


There is something particularly magical about this time of year between the Spring Equinox and the subsequent Full Moon. Aside from the obvious religious associations, it is said that this celestial sequence provides the most auspicious conditions for aspiring Alchemists to embark upon The Great Work.
However, perhaps conveniently, despite the centuries of coded grimoires and obscure texts produced by enlightened philosophers, no one really knows exactly what The Great Work actually is. But I still find it useful to harness any new projects to the subtly divine undercurrents which seem to manifest every year around this time.
But then—somehow--a greater force overrides my aspirations and I inevitably find myself on a completely different path than I had originally set out to follow.
For instance, one of the secret missions behind this 23.5 Degrees column was to provide a safe haven here on Mania for us to pursue the arduous the task of reproducing the lost Cyber-Diaries of Stella Maris. It was these internet adventures, posted on various now-defunct websites well over a decade ago, that had seeded the saga of our intrepid investigations into the arcane world of secret knowledge, which eventually created more conniptions than any of you can even begin to imagine.
In the ensuing meltdown, the accumulation of years of unique material and records of personal experiences evaporated as websites imploded as a result of an increasingly bizarre sequence of events that had conspired to derail the process.
As some of you already know, firstly the brakes of my car were sabotaged, which resulted in a police investigation and a large repair bill. Then, after going underground, my email account was hacked and I started receiving more threats, which resulted in another police investigation and an Official Caution.
In the meantime, the keeper of one internet server hosting the Cyber-Diaires died of cancer, followed shortly afterwards by his successor, who passed away unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack.
Subsequently, a concerted harassment campaign was launched--which was to last a full eight years in all, leading to three further police investigations and now to a conviction, an indefinite restraining order, and ultimately a jail sentence.
So, after successfully reconstructing the beginning of the lost Cyber-Diaries here on Mania, culminating in our annual observance of the solar gnomon on the Vernal Equinox at Saint Sulpice in Paris, The Chartres Chronicles were cleverly timed to coincide with the Feast Day of Saint Fulbert on April 10th, dedicated to the visionary bishop who had masterminded the rebuilding of Chartres Cathedral, where the real inception of our quest had inadvertently begun all those years ago.
Or, at least that was the original plan. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I only managed to get the first two episodes written and uploaded into 23.5 before all hell broke loose.
The first event to transpire was nothing short of miraculous.
After a lengthy illness, Holy Blood, Holy Grail co-author, Michael Baigent, was unexpectedly offered and received his long-awaited liver transplant on April 10th, bang on the Feast Day of Saint Fulbert of Chartres. Michael had become an invaluable advisor and mentor over the years, having experienced the pranks of the Priory of Sion firsthand, and I was delighted that he had attained what the philosophers would have called The Gift of God (Donum Dei) under such auspicious circumstances.
However, my optimism was short-lived. By the end of last April, a new harassment campaign had been launched that had such far-reaching consequences that the police decided to proceed with another investigation, with a view towards finally pressing charges this time.
What ensued was so distressing that it may take me years to be able to write about it. The Chartres Chronicles were put on hold for a good three months until The Squirrels Stopped Smoking, after which I managed to eek through the end of the Chartres sequence in short instalments, dragged out until the end of August, before abandoning the reconstruction of the lost diaries completely. So much for The Great Work.
To my relief, the final criminal court hearing—the blessed end of an agonizing sequence of surreal sessions--was held last month on March 17th, the Feast of Joseph of Arimathea... just four days before the recent Vernal Equinox.
A full year has passed, but now I'm finally free. I can't even begin to describe the joy of knowing that after years of concerted hell I can write openly without repercussions - that I can visit conferences and seminars without dreading any untoward consequences. I can even eat dinner in a restaurant with other writers without having to warn them that they, too, may become the target of a harassment campaign just because they were seen with me.
Therefore, I hope you all will humor me here, because what I'd like to do is go back and start at the beginning again, to celebrate the anniversary of Feast of Saint Fulbert of Chartres by compiling all the existing fragments of flotsam and jetsam together into a single coordinate.
It's not often that one gets a chance to oscillate through the full circle and live one's life a second time around… so, buckle your seatbelts, make sure your internal organs are firmly fixed, and brew your local police force a nice pot of tea.
Here beginneth The Chartres Chronicles:-
Newton Coordinate:- The Feast of Saint Fulbert of Chartres, April 10th, on the Greenwich Meridian. AL-ALIM GBVR.


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""a large repair bill


This will teach you for driving an Aston Martin.



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