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By Rob M. Worley     December 13, 2010
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Gerard and Casey's Full Moon Fever gets a director. Plus: Cool X-Men photos online. Walking Dead gets more accolades. Green Hornet gets a new poster and more. It's your Comics2Film 10.12.13!




C2F Quick Hits

  • If you like the stuff you've seen from Steve Johnson FX's work on Jonathan Hensleigh's failed Hulk movie, click over to their facebook page for more artwork (featuring the Hulkster and his giant bug-man foe) as well as a video of the FX crew testing the animatronic skeleton - with a shot of the morphing arm transformation done as a practical effect!
  • Marvel Chief Kevin Feige chatted with fans on the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog (which is presently being flagged by Google as a malware attack site...ouch). Characteristically tight-lipped Feige revealed little. He did say The Invaders will not be in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie, as previously reported. There'll be a trailer a trailer for Captain America in the new year (duh). Plans are still afoot to bring Ant Man to the big screen, "sometime [sic] after the Avengers." Hit Bleeding Cool for a transcript of the chat.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Iron Man 2 are among the 15 nominees named by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as semifinalists for the Achievement in Visual Effects for the 83rd Academy Awards.
  • Bleeding Cool has posted some images from sculptor Edmund Woodward's portfolio revealing the design process for the iconic helmet featured in the currently-filming Dredd movie.
  • AMC's comic-based TV show The Walking Dead is one of 10 shows selected by the American Film Institute as the top TV shows of the year.
  • Superhero Hype has revealed a new Green Hornet poster targeting Spanish-language markets.
  • Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.

 Edmund Woodward's design for the DREDD helment

GREEN HORNET poster for Spanish-speaking markets




New X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Photos Online

We've seen some X-Men: First Class photos online in recent months, but most have been fairly boring images of James McAvoy and co-stars walking around near Oxford. On the weekend, Comic Book Movie posted a number of cool photos from a set being built on Jekyll Island in Georgia. Revealed there are what looks to be an image of the Blackbird jet crashed on an island.

Here's one image, but click through for the rest.

 Set photo from X-MEN FIRST CLASS


FULL MOON FEVER Gets a Director

About a year back, Comics2Film at Mania reported that the graphic novel Full Moon Fever is in development as a feature film with producer Stephen L'Heureux's Solipsist Films. The 2005 comic, written by Caleb Gerard and Joe Casey involves a "space plumber" who runs into some nasty critters on a lunar outpost.

We recently checked in with L'Heureux about the project. The producer tells that the film now has a director attached.

Simon Hunter is set to direct the movie, which presently has a script written by Casey. Hunter is best known to genre fans for his 2008 film Mutant Chronicles which starred Thomas Jane and Ron Perelman.

Full Moon Fever, published by AiT/PlanetLar, finds a lunar waste disposal technician (read "space plumber") Zeke Kirby visiting Intercorp's lunar sci-station to unclog their zero-G pipes. However, when he arrives on the station he finds something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. It's not spoiling anything to tell you that there are werewolves involved.

Hunter is currently at work on Safe House which stars Lena Headey, Michael Ironside. Cameras are set to roll on that movie early 2011, so development of Full Moon Fever likely will be slow until later next year. 



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9. Issues #1 and #2 are in stores now. Issue #1 is also available as a digital download via iVerse Media's iTunes app. Visit Scratch9.com for news and info!


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LocoLobo73 12/13/2010 8:08:13 AM

BLAH nothing new

Wiseguy 12/13/2010 9:22:00 AM

Wouldn't be cool for the X-Men to crash land in the Savage Land, well it would be to me. But that's probably Muir Island I'd guess.

The animatronic Hulk looked really cool and the movements were really fluid. Maybe if they go the tv route they'll use something like that. Now a days it's probably cheaper to go the cgi route I'd think.

Not surprised the Invaders are not in Capt. America. No one ever really confirmed that but it's nice top speculate and dream.

Glad to hear Ant-Man is still in the agenda. Pym deserves this. I can see a really clever story here. Maybe even set up a future Ultron film with Ant-Man having to recruit the Avengers' help

Never heard of Full Moon Fever but I did see Mutant Chronicles directed by Simon Hunter and that was terrible. I actually wanted to see that in the theater, lucky for me it went straight to syfy. Maybe it was the budget but the film sucked



Darkknight2280 12/13/2010 10:37:45 AM

Wiseguy you are right..i watched MUTANT CHRONICLES on netflix..what a turd burger that was..prolly some of the worst CGI i have ever seen! I wanted to see it cause i used to play the hell out of the board game!

Glad to see the blackbird is going to be in the Xmen movie! Finally nice to see a good spy photo.

I like Ant Man! I used to think he was lame but i like how they are portaying him in the Avengers cartoon, perhaps his personality and how he done on there can be translated easily to film?!?

Wiseguy 12/13/2010 12:15:15 PM

Just stole a couple of minutes to read what Feige had to say about Marvel films, pretty cool for those interested

Cap does throw his shield. May not seem like a big deal to some but a must for any diehard fan. 

There's a Donald Blake reference in THOR

A change of heart from Marvel seems now they're open to R rated movies. Good news since Moon Knight and Punisher are being talked about         

Seems like Ant-Man and Iron Fist are the only 2 other films actually getting a draft treatment but a lot of other stuff in their slate

LocoLobo73 12/13/2010 12:38:13 PM

God Wise I hope they stop before they try to do a Moon Knight film , it has epic fail written all over it and they should skip the Cage and Iron Fist movie as well , Except I relly think a Heroes for Hire tv show would be great and it would allow for many of marvels street level heroes to be cameoed. That and the should would have a Great supporting cast like , Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Jessica Jones, pre baby, then you can have guys like Shang Chi and Silver Sable show up. The show can be a gritty noir with super powers. Moon Knight just seems like it would end up like The Cape. Dr Strange, would make for a great Tv series also , like on SyFy, treat it seriously , like in the idea of Supernatural maybe even cross it over with Heroes for Hire , lol. 

Now a true R Rated Punisher, would be awesome , and they should absolutely use Punisher Max stuff written by Gart Ennis and only by him.  

gutsmgee 12/13/2010 1:04:59 PM

Agreed Loco....

Wiseguy 12/13/2010 1:18:26 PM

Loco, you obviously have no faith in  the material. I totally disagree. Maybe Moon Knight I'd say go to tv only because when people see him they'll start comparing him to Batman or that new cat Millar has coming (Nemesis) that's also in all white. But I've always liked the idea of an animated Moon Knight ala TAS.

But Iron Fist, Cage obviously Punisher should all head to the silver screen. These movies' budgets can be kept low by today's standards hence making 40-70 million a box office hit. Remember Blade, I'm sure before that most people like you probably felt the same about the then little known character.

jfdavis 12/13/2010 1:31:20 PM

No Invaders in Cap? Granted they couldn't use Human Torch but Universal has to have lost the rights to Namor by now unless I missed a movie somewhere... Is Union Jack and Blazing Skull too similar to Captain Britain (Like Fox'll ever do an Excalibur movie...) and Ghost Rider? (OK, even I concede the last one but whatev...)

The recent animated versions of Avengers show you can do Antman witout it being too comical. In fact, I'm not really sure why that belief stuck so hard.  (I will ask once again why Pym is both Antman and Giantman at the same time but again, whatev...) 

Full Moon Fever- All I know is that's an awesome Tom Petty album.  Funnily, I was trying to remember the title Mutant Chronicles this weekend as Season of the Witch reminds me of it.   Anyway, MC was further proof Perelman is a much better actor in make-up...

lusiphur 12/13/2010 1:44:43 PM

 So Moon Knight would end up like The Cape, Loco?  Considering all we've seen are teaser clips and the show hasn't aired yet, your crystal ball tells you it will fail?  How optimistic of you.

I do agree with the Heroes for Hire/Moon Knight/ Dr Strange TV series.  Great cross-over material there.  You could throw a few appearances from Daredevil and even the Punisher in.

Wyldstaar 12/13/2010 2:19:46 PM

Wow, the Blackbird appears to be an actual SR-71 Blackbird as used in the sixties and seventies comics. 

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