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"Full Moon Rising" Contest

By Karl Schneider     January 14, 2007

Full Moon Rising of the Riley Jensen Guardian Series
© Bantam Books
Mania is happy to announce their latest contest, a giveaway of Keri Arthur's novel Full Moon Rising.

Author of Circle of Desire (2003) and Beneath A Darkening Moon (2004), Aussie romance novelist Keri Arthur kicks off her new Riley Jensen Guardian series with Full Moon Rising. The first part of an ambitious four-novel (so far) set that will be released monthly through March 2007.

Full Moon Rising introduces us to female heroine Riley Jensen and a near-future world set in Melbourne Australia. A secretary at Melbourne’s Directorate of Other Races, Riley Jensen is a smart, sexy dhampire living in a world where humans coexist with werewolves, vampires, and more. A very rare breed of both werewolf and vampire, Riley and her twin brother Rhoan are outcasts due to their mixed heritage (most hybrids don’t survive but Riley and Rhoan’s mother had dirty werewolf sex with a newly-risen vampire hours after he was bitten and this translates to twins with the abilities of both races).

Sound interesting?

Then drop me an email at maniaent@gmail.com with Full Moon somewhere in the body/subject for your chance to win!

The book is available in stores now!


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