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FUNimation Adds Gad Guard, Kaze no Stigma Anime to YouTube

Full runs of two Gonzo series hit the net

By Chris Beveridge     January 03, 2011

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FUNimation's video crew was kicking a lot of ass last week with the number of shows they got up on YouTube but they're not taking a break now that the new year is here. Kicking off the first business day of the year, they've added the full twenty-four episode series Kaze no Stigma to the service as well as the full twenty-six episode series Gad Guard. Both series are from Gonzo and have seen a few different releases in the past couple of years with Kaze no Stigma being a fairly recent release and Gad Guard a series that was originally released by Geneon Entertainment several years prior. We've reviewed both series in a few different configurations and you can read those reviews here: Gad Guard,Kaze no Stigma

Kaze No Stigma: Kazuma's clan is skilled in fire magic, but when his female cousin, Ayano, beat him in a battle to become the clan's successor, Kazuma went into exile. Now he's back with a powerful new mojo that's sure to fan the flames of the family rivalry. Click here for the first episode.


Gad Guard: It's the future, and humanity is worn out. Hajiki's struggling to make ends meet on the hard-luck streets of Night Town, where everyone is fighting for the same thing: the Gad. Click here for the first episode

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