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FUNimation Adds More on Hulu Service

By Chris Beveridge     November 08, 2008

Shuffle Vol. #6 Box
© FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.

FUNimation's partnering with Hulu has moved on to the next level as they've added a few more series that can be watched on the site this week. Debuting this week on the video web site are episodes from Shuffle, Peach Girl and Slayers.  These series join new episodes from Black Blood Brothers, Blue Gender, MoonPhase and Mushi-shi and add to the wide-variety of FUNimation series that can now be found on, including Shikebane Hime, Kiddy Grade, Mr. Stain on Junk Alley, and xxxHOLiC

In the following months, FUNimation intends to have nearly 150 episodes and approximately 75 hours of free on-demand programming on Hulu with more material added each month. “We support Hulu’s mission of making legitimate, professionally produced content easily available,” said Gen Fukunaga, president and CEO of FUNimation Entertainment. “Plus, the wide reach of Hulu not only allows fans to catch an episode they may have missed but offers viewers a way to discover new shows.”


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ScrappedAeon 11/8/2008 1:12:34 PM

*sniff* It's so beautiful.  I hope Bandai and ADV jump on this too.



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