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FUNimation Channel Goes High Definition

By Chris Beveridge     September 08, 2010

FUNimation Channel
© FUNimation
FUNimation Channel launched on Monday a high-definition feed broadcast in true HD along with new branding across it's HD and SD platforms in conjunction with an exclusive, expanded programming line-up of the most popular anime titles available.
Since its launch in September 2005, FUNimation Channel has been on the cutting-edge of anime entertainment.  The transition to HD comes at a time where viewers are demanding the option to watch top-rated anime 24/7 in high-definition on their TV. The transition will continue to solidify FUNimation Channel as a market leader in the Anime space.
"We are thrilled to offer FUNimation Channel HD to this tech savvy, highly educated 18-34 year old core audience," said Bill Saltzgiver, Olympusat's Senior Vice President of Network Operations. "The transition to HD allows for a more robust and superior qualities that FUNimation Channel fans have come to expect."
To showcase the FUNimation Channel's evolution, the network will bolster its programming line-up with many new series and top hits including, "Samurai 7", "Baccano", "Darker than Black", "Slayers Evolution R", "D Gray Man", "Soul Eater", "Claymore", "Slayers Revolution" and "Devil May Cry" to meet Anime fans' never-ending hunger for more content.    
"This wave of new content will be the first of many additions to come as Funimation Channel reacts to customer demand," adds Saltzgiver.  


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BlazeFirestorm 9/8/2010 8:51:41 AM

 That's really awesome.........too bad it's not available in my area :-/

reionpremente 9/8/2010 7:28:03 PM

Does this also mean that the shows they stream on their site will also benefit from this?  If not, then there's n real reason for me to get excited either since DirecTV doesn't carry the Funimation channel.  

reionpremente 9/12/2010 9:59:14 AM

Is there any hope that Funimation Channel WILL go to DirecTV anytime soon?  PLEASE? 



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