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FUNimation Opens Beta Site To Public, Announces Simulcast & License

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Picked Up along with [C] Simulcast

By Chris Beveridge     April 14, 2011

C - Control
© FUNimation

The FUNimation beta site has gone wide open today and there's some things to know. Oh boy, some things to make people happy. First, make sure you sign on there and get yourself an account (friend me here) and then check out the simulcast section and the shows section. What will you find?

[C] Control will be a simulcast from FUNimation and there's even a special message from the director in there.

You can find the official site for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt here.

What can you find on the site and what tips and tricks do you recommend in navigating it, setting up profiles and so forth? Share your profile to friend with others!

Here's the official word from FUNimation:

Head over to and check out the new site! We’re currently hosting on an alternate web address for you all to explore and enjoy so you don’t feel rushed with the new site before we switch things over. Take a look around and have some fun with all the new features and content.

Think of it as a test drive minus the lemon scented air freshener. ^_^

Here’s a list of places we recommend checking out as you explore the site.

  • Build your own profile – Create your own place to call home and then start connecting with others on the site. We have created special places for cosplay pictures, fanart, and even your own blog




We’ll also be asking poll questions and hosting contests for all members weekly.

We’ve even made a sweet intro video just for the site:

Check out this awesome trailer!

To celebrate the launch of the site we have some news to share with you as well:

Click Here to find out about our Special Announcement!

Check out our C-Control Announcement!

You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter and get Mania news on Facebook and Twitter too!


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