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FUNimation Talks More Blu-ray

Latest Anime Source reveals more titles

By Chris Beveridge     February 27, 2010

© FUNimation

In the 3/9/2010 release of the Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 Blu-ray release, the latest Anime Source pamphlet is included which is dedicated to just Blu-ray releases coming from the company. As with past Anime Source pamphlets, it's worth keeping in mind that none of the dates for unannounced titles should be considered solid as we've seen things slip before, sometimes fairly significantly. The pamphlet is definitely good for knowing what is in the works though and there are some good ones listed in this one.

Of titles as yet formally solicited, FUNimation has plans for these with tentative dates:

Guyver: The BioBoosted Armor Complete Series on 6/22/2010

Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne~ Complete Collection on 07/20/2010

Black Cat Complete Collection on 07/13/2010

Desert Punk Complete Collection on 07/13/2010

On the other side with titles that have no release dates planned but are tagged as coming soon:

Afro Samurai - The Complete Murder Sessions

Black Blood Brothers Complete

Casshern Sins Part 1

Casshern Sins Part 2

Eden of the East - Complete

Fullmetal Panic! Season One

And more Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as well.


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METR0lD 2/27/2010 2:01:38 PM

 I love Funi for putting out more BluRay. But they seriously need to stop announcing BluRay editions of recent DVD releases like this (Rin). If they're going to release a BluRay version, then release it at the same time as the DVD version. I bought Rin thinking it didn't have a chance of getting a BluRay release from Funi, and now they go and announce it only weeks after the DVD release. Now I'm stuck with either double dipping again on one of their releases, or being stuck with an inferior DVD set of it. They're forcing me to wait on anything they release on DVD now, because I'm sick of this scenario happening over and over with them.

spence34 2/28/2010 6:23:22 PM

I'm glad to see FMP season 1.  I held off on the second raid because I didn't wnat to be half bluray.

But I agree with METR0lD, I wish they would stop the DVD then BR stuff, announce and release together like regular shows and movies. 



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