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FUNimation Unveils First Excel Saga Trailer

Prepares for the May invasion

By Chris Beveridge     March 28, 2011

Excel Saga
© FUNimation

FUNimation is starting to gear up for their May 17th release of the Excel Saga complete series on DVD, taking the out of print title and returning it to print, which is good for the timing as Viz Media recently managed to get a new volume prepped and out the door for the manga. Excel Saga is one of those shows that has a storyline but is hard to describe beyond being kind of wacky in general, having lots of bodies falling around them and a mixture of cuteness. Honestly, FUNimation's summary is already, but it's the tags they applied to it on YouTube that really says it all:

funimation anime japanese animation excel saga comedy absurd insane hyatt il palazzo mechi doggie food puchuu no really that crazy sci-fi drama mystery horror war apocolypse insert genre here crackfest ACROSS f-city the world

Plot summary: The only thing the demented and hyper active ACROSS special agent Excel wants to do is please her supreme lord and commander Ilpalazzo. This, of course, means taking over the entire world one small country at a time. Partnered with the chronically ill Hyatt and thwarted by an army of alien Puchus, the madcap adventures these two go on are random to the extreme. Filled to the brim with anime and pop-culture parodies galore, Excel Saga is the original sugar-high anime hit that doesn't stop hitting you in the face. 




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ajsan 3/28/2011 8:00:16 PM

Just arrived home from the Megacon show down in FL; They played this Saturday during their panel.  Unfortunately, FUNimation had to pull all of their announcements from the presentation (where the presenter who made the power point had to remove them from the slide show); so it drastically shortened the panel presentation and lowered the excitement; but I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't due to the recent devistation in Japan.  Hopefully we'll get the new announcements sooner rather than later.  It was still enjoyable to sit amongst like-minded otakus at the show.



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