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What is FUNimation's S.A.V.E. Edition?

A new branding style from the company broken down to the basics

By Chris Beveridge     February 17, 2010

© FUNimation


FUNimation began to introduce a new branding to some of its titles in the last couple of solicitations but firm information has been a bit hard to come by. Long time forum regular and contributor WTK began putting all the pieces together recently and has been updating it as new pieces come in as well. FUNimation has introduced various kinds of packaging and release formats over the years, though the one that stuck the most was its Viridian Collection brand, but that underwent packaging changes from the start as well. The latest brand that they're using on very select titles is called S.A.V.E.
What does it stand for?
  1. S.A.V.E. = Super Amazing Value Edition
What is it?
  1. These are a new line of FUNimation releases (not necessarily boxsets) with a new, lower MSRP [mostly $29.98, $19.98, $9.98].
  2. Some of these releases are new SKUs while others are just reprices.
  3. It is a different line from the Viridian Collection releases.
  4. Not all brands and repriced releases will receive a S.A.V.E. release.
What about the packaging?
  1. If it’s a new packaging, there’s going to be a S.A.V.E. green bar on the side. Existing stock will have a S.A.V.E. sticker.
  2. They will be very recognizable. Think like the used textbooks sticker, but only green. Another example would be like Playstation's Greatest Hit.
  3. Example of a new packaging: Kanon (S.A.V.E.) with the S.A.V.E. green bar on the side 
  4. Example of a reprice: Moonphase (S.A.V.E.) is the same as Moonphase: Complete Collection (Viridian) with the addition of a sticker on the wrap and a new lower MSRP.
  5. Whether or not it’s a sticker or wrap redesign will ultimately be determined by FUNimation's inventory.
What does the small texts on the S.A.V.E. green bar say?
  1. "Want to Add to Your Collection Without Breaking the Bank? Bring Home a Bargain with the Super Amazing Balue Edition!"
  2. What about the on-disc contents?
  3. Each S.A.V.E. release will have the same DVDs as the previous release, so no changes on the disc content.
When are the releases going to be release?
  1. The releases will start to show up in March starting with Moonphase: Complete Collection (Viridian).
List of S.A.V.E. Releases (Subjected to Change)
* Indicates probable reprices using existing inventory
Moonphase: Complete Collection (Viridian) | with S.A.V.E. sticker
Release Date: 3/23/10
Retail Price: $29.98
Aquarion: Complete Collection (Re-release) | labeled as S.A.V.E @ Amazon.com
Release Date: 3/30/10
Retail Price: $29.98
Kanon: Complete Collection (Re-release)
Release Date: 3/30/10
Retail Price: $29.98
Pumpkin Scissors: Complete Collection*
Release Date: 4/6/10
Retail Price: $29.98
Blade of the Phantom Master*
Release Date: 4/27/10
Retail Price: $9.98
Jing, King of Bandits: Seventh Heaven*
Release Date: 4/27/10
Retail Price: $9.98
Str.A.In. - Strategic Armored Infantry: Complete Collection*
Release Date: 4/27/10
Retail Price: $29.98
Air (TV): Complete Collection (Re-release)
Release Date: 5/18/10
Retail Price: $19.98
List of S.A.V.E. Releases Not Officially Solicited / Waiting for Repricing? (Subjected to Change)
Release Date: 5/18/10
Venus Versus Virus: Complete Collection*
Release Date: 5/18/10
Galaxy Railways: Complete Collection*
Release Date: 5/25/10


You can find extended discussions on this topic and titles here. Thanks to WTK for compiling the information as it was slowly coming out from retailer and studio sources over the last couple of months.


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Calibur454 2/18/2010 5:02:01 AM

anything that is introduced with lower prices in mind is always a good thing for otaku looking to pench pennies i'm all for this one

Hectotane 2/18/2010 9:58:38 AM

Two factors come into play:  1) This is an experiment in less-expensive packaging.  And 2) The titles here didn't sell well outside the otaku-base.

And do you think you can stop whoring out the KyotoAnimu titles, Chris?  Us non-otaku would appreciate that much.


Chris Beveridge 2/18/2010 11:21:36 AM

I don't know why you think ~I~ am whoring them out. Next time provide some examples with your complaints or take them up with me directly privately. 

Hectotane 2/18/2010 1:26:21 PM

With all do respect, Chris; I'd rather do this publicly so those who don't know will know.

Out of all the anime that's being created in Japan, it always seems that titles from KyotoAnimu have taken priority over everything else.  I don't know if the company's paying you to promote them (which would explain a lot), if you're "catering to the masses," or if you're just like said masses (which would also explain a lot).

Yes, these shows are popular.  But compared to everything else in the entertainment industry; no, they're not good.  It's annoying.

Chris Beveridge 2/18/2010 4:08:12 PM

 THat's fine, do it publicly. But you're still not showing me examples of how I'm whoring them. There aren't exactly a lot of Kyoani titles, we cover them the same as everything else. And NO, I am not being paid to promote them in the slightest. I talk about them like I talk about every other title out there.

I'd love to understand how you believe they're taking priority.

Hectotane 2/18/2010 5:43:21 PM

You can start by looking through the lot of the posts made by you, Chris.

And you're right.  There's not a lot of KyotoAnimu titles.  They're just popular regardless.  I'll tell you that Kadokawa's efforts to spread their titles around the globe have been more fruitful than all of the natural food stores combined.

Nevermind that they're all (outside of K-on, maybe) basically the same formula as Fullmetal Panic:  You treat the guy(s) worse than you treat the women (which seldom happens); then you laugh at them.  And here I've been taught that we should all treat everyone as well as we treat ourselves regardless of gender, race, on down.

I said this before:  I'd be a fan of KyotoAnimu's works if the guys herein had been treated better; if Kyon wasn't such a self-insert and Youhei wasn't such a douchebag / punching bag.  Now there are people, like Mario1~7, treating me like Sarah Palin after saying "Barack Obama can win re-election by wiping out Iran and supporting Israel."

I now think that otaku-dom and neo-conservatism are the same thing.  X(

Thorongil 2/18/2010 7:41:40 PM

So all that hot air boils down to the fact that you don't like KyoAni shows. Pathetic. Go scream in a pillow, asshole.

insaneben 2/19/2010 11:53:16 AM

Getting back on topic (before this comment thread devolves into a "dogpile on the rabbit (hectotane)":

Is it just me, or does this whole "S.A.V.E." gimmick appear to be a barometer of sub-genres or titles that failed to sell well stateside? I mean, I see "Air", "Kanon" and "Pumpkin Scissors", yet no signs of "Welcome To The NHK" or any of the Geneon license rescues. Will they show up in the next round of the "S.A.V.E." program? Who knows?

(To be fair, though, any re-release that helps introduce new fans while saving money is a good thing.)

SchaefDogg 2/19/2010 1:01:06 PM

Well, Welcome To The NHK just had a boxset release not that long ago. They've been re-releasing Geneon titles, but not under any line.

I don't know how they are choosing which titles get Viridian or S.A.V.E. treatment. Most of the S.A.V.E.'s so far are former ADV titles, I've noticed. But the upcoming Xenosaga set is labeled Viridian.

I can see a lot of advantages to these sets though, It keeps the titles in stock, helping Funi make money and hopefully get new customers. I think all these re-releases may be their way of getting the rest of a series or something. Just a thought because shows like Tsubasa, Case Closed, etc have seen a number of releases.

Calibur454 2/20/2010 5:41:14 AM

insaneben- you make a good point but i'm sure if save does turn out well for them I'm sure all of their catalog will be done that way at some point depending on how long the shows sell well.

Think of the strategy the same way walmart gets rid of their own dvds. they will sell them at a retail price for as long as they can and after about a year or two they bring the dvds back into the stores at a deep discount via the bargian buys just to get rid of the extra stock

The same thing can be said for anime titles. some titles might not sell well at the usual hight price but released with a lower sticker price it might.



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