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Fury: First Footage - WW2 Tank Picture

From E3

By Robert T. Trate     June 11, 2014
Source: IGN

Fury arrives 11-14-14
© Sony Pictures

Comic Con used to be about only comics, it isn’t anymore. Now it seems as if E3, an event known for video games, is branching out as well. The first footage for for David Ayers' war film Fury premiered at E3. This behind-the-scenes footage, about a five-man tank crew behind enemy lines, was shown at Wargaming.net's panel during the event. 

Synopsis: FURY is set at the very end of World War II, in April 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theater, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

Fury features Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal, and Jason Isaacs.

Fury arrives in theaters on November 14th, 2014. 

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VioLatorr 6/11/2014 8:24:19 AM

  I'd have to say WW2 movies are the best war movies to watch. Great cast, even Shia La Douche. I know he's been weird as hell lately in the media, and everybody hated him in Transformer, but he's actually a very solid actor imo.

Muenster 6/11/2014 9:36:23 AM

No, he's not. Shia is a professional Douchebag on and off camera.

But this film actually stars an even bigger douchebag.

Despite the precense of so much douchbaggery, it's still Tank porn.

... And who does not like Tanks?

momitchell7 6/11/2014 10:13:48 AM

 Give Shia a break... he was great in Holes!

aegrant 6/11/2014 1:15:37 PM

 I'm down... but probably on Netflix/Redbox

SmokingFrog77 6/11/2014 3:04:00 PM

Shia is a massive douche, but I think that he's a reasonably solid actor. I'll be avoiding this though, Brad Pitt tough-guy vanity roles irritate me immensely for some reason, I think I just can't take him seriously.

calhob 6/11/2014 4:57:03 PM

 Just heard of this for the first time and now I can't wait for it. Looks great production wise. And I like Brad Pitt's acting in period movies.

ztigr 6/11/2014 5:06:32 PM

 I was pretty excited until I saw Shia was in it, that dropped it a peg for me.  I truly can't stand the guy.

xJokersxWildx 6/12/2014 8:03:01 AM

Shane !!!!!!!!!!!  Jon Bernthal Rules !

Newdude718 6/12/2014 8:33:56 AM

 I'm in it for SHANE!!!!and Brad, Shia is a punk and so annoying maybe he'll be blown up

domino2008 6/12/2014 9:43:16 PM

looks good . like of one of 40's type films  they used to make back in HollyWood , I like WW-2 films , like the one Bogart was in . Pitt isnt my favorite Actor but He has tone down His attitude over the years. but Ill wait to hear reviews as it gets near.



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