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Gaiman on Modesty, Magic, & Death

By Dave Richards     June 14, 2002

The Slush Factory's Dan Epstein recently sat down and interviewed comic-book writer Neil Gaiman concerning a few of the comic book film projects he was working on. Epstein asked Gaiman about his work on the script for a Modesty Blaise feature film. Gaiman replied, "What they hired me to do a few years ago was a screenplay for the second Modesty Blaise movie [laughs]. They wanted it to be a franchise and I would adapt a story called 'I Lucifer'."

Gaiman also talked about the translations of The Books of Magic and Death: The High Cost of Living, two popular Vertigo comics to his credit. Gaiman was very enthusiastic about the Books of Magic but he did admit some changes had to be made because of Tim Hunter's similarities to another popular young English Wizard. He said, "Books of Magic is doing brilliantly right now. Last thing I heard was that they are ready to go on it. The director is named Nick Terry, I think. He's a French director with a script by Matt Greenberg. They had to un-Harry Potter Tim Hunter but I think they've done it wonderfully."

Gaiman is also making slow progress on the Death script in spite of some real world events that make progress difficult. He said, "With the Death: High Cost of Living movie, a lot of patient and kind people are waiting for me to send in a second draft. I got my notes about the first draft the day before I went on the book tour. Then September 11th happened and I didn't feel like writing a story about Death wandering around New York City. It was supposed to be in San Francisco after that but I moved it back to New York."

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the lead.


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