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Gaiman Moves Death Movie Forward

By Rob M. Worley     October 01, 2002

The movieversion of Neil Gaiman's Death: The High Cost of Living is inmotion again. In a September 19th posting on,the author tells his fans that he's recently submitted a new draft of the scriptfor the film.

Gaiman completeda first draft eighteen months ago, but the project got sidelined by last year'snational tragedy. "I'd planned to get back to it on about September the15th 2001, but then the events of September 11th happened, and I couldn'tmuster the enthusiasm for a story about Death spending a day in New York,"Gaiman writes.

"I triedseveral narrative strategies to try and get myself writing it, including settingit San Francisco and changing the gender of several characters around, but eachtime it petered out, and I put it aside."

However theauthor was able to pick up on the project again last August. "I spent aweek in a hotel and did nothing but Death. It startedworking," Gaiman tells his readers. He continued to develop notes for it ona recent UK tour . "Two weeks ago I grabbed an afternoon and typed all myscribbles in, and sent the script off to the people who needed to see it.

"So far theresponse has been incredibly positive from everyone who's read it. People,including me, are very happy with it," the author wrote.

The author thenrecounted a humorous phone conversation with a studio receptionist. Gaiman isstill attached to direct the movie, should it move forward. Visit NeilGaiman.comfor the complete journal entry.

Thanks toMatthew Fabb for the scoop!


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