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Rockin Sockin Cowboy Bebop-pin... LIVE

12/22/2008 2:29:09 PM permalink

I did some nosing around and could not find any "maniacal" mention of this (yet-another) adaptation to film. Even though it seemed like it could be just speculation or vague interest in the property at the time, the high regard for Cowboy Bebop as one of the best anime series seems like it should have caught the attention of at least a maniac or two.

First Article at First Showing

 Well, now there has been an update over at MTV. With pal Erwin Stoff currently in the producing chair with Fox, Keanu Reeves has confirmed interest in the popular sci-fi series. Stoff and Reeves have worked on several films together so barring an absolute terrible reading or Spiegel becoming a real person to act his own role, he's the likely lead.

Despite the typical groans and "Woah!" remarks, I think Reeves would be a safe choice role of Spike Spiegel, at least for one film; beyond that, he (along with the rest of the film) would need to prove himself as the bushy-haired bounty hunter. Sure, there might be better folks out there, but there are far worse as well. He does have a sci-fi background and has had his hand in an action film or few. He's got a dry style like Spike and even looks a bit like him, but he what he seems to have in most of his roles that he shouldn't is a touch of cluelessness. He would need to soak in a ton of confidence and speed up his speech. He doesn't need to sound exactly Steve Blum from the series, but it would help if it doesn't sound like he's contemplating every word that he utters. Spike is confident and assertive, bordering on aggressive, yet relaxed and fluid.

As for the movie as a whole, I like that Reeves - I realize he's an actor, but being buds with the producer, I'm sure he has input or is in touch with Stoff's duties - realizes the undertaking and the difficulty in adapting such a stylish cartoon to real life, and that is should NOT look slick, but dirty. I am keeping my expectations beyond low, but my hopes are creeping up very quickly. As terrible as a poor adaption would be, leading non-anime to one of the golden series of anime, could be an eventual boon. But... "Whatever happens, happens."

Oh and if Tank! isn't the theme song, someone should be shot.

Peace, and Merry Christmas!

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A Serious Moment for the Ladies

10/1/2008 2:53:32 PM permalink

It's October, so aside from pumkins, that means pink ribbons.

Growing up, Christina Applegate was probably one of the hottest women to me. She wasn't overexposed (by any interpretation), she was close to my age, she was on the cute side of beautiful (still is), and she's a lot smarter than the role that made her famous. While we (guys for the most part) like to ogle at beautiful women, admittedly sometimes only for their bodies, it seems that many women still proudly identify their breasts as part of what makes each of them a woman... and to do what Christina did to decisively protect her life from the cancer that she had, is simultaneously courageous and horrifying. Just trying to imagine having testicular cancer and lopping off ... [shudder]... well, it just makes me feel uneasy.

THAT SAID... Breast cancer is more easily identifiable than most cancer but it is still the second leading cancer that causes death for women, so catching it early is key. As uncomfortable of a conversation as it might be, I encourage you to remind your female loved ones, even if it is just your mom that lives upstairs - I KEED! - to have regular checks, both monthly self-exams as well as those by a doctor. It could be just a quick email, "Hey, I saw an article about breast cancer, and I wanted to make sure you are staying healthy." Then throw in a link to a page about exams... like this one:

You may be thinking, "What's your deal?! Why are you so into supporting breasts?" Well, the male part of me responds, "What guy shouldn't be?!" and the human part of me says, "Aside from some of my male tendencies, I do respect women, and having had a few female friends afflicted with cancer (one survived breast cancer, a best friend died from liver cancer at the age of 22, among others) I would like to do what I can to support the fight against this biological demon."

So, for those of you still around... I am supporting the volleyball team of my alma mater with their campaign to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. If you would like to contribute (even if it's only $5) send me a message or preferably an email [ ] and I'll send you all the info you'll need. Whether or not you contribute, still tell your female loved ones to do their checks and while you're at it, tell 'em you love 'em.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

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Megan Fox is not gay, BUT dot dot dot

9/16/2008 10:37:29 AM permalink

Normally I gloss over the celebrity news on imdb, but since quite a few regs have a "Washington Monument" for Miss Fox, I figured some of you might be interested in this quote from GQ Mag:

Look, I'm not a lesbian. I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl - Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She's mesmerising. And lately I've been obsessed with Jenna Jameson, but ... oh boy.

Right. Oh yeah, and she dated a Russian stripper, or that's what it said. So you boys chew on that, those of you who might see it. Enjoy. ;-)




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